Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Gym Day 115...CHEST

Went to the gym for the first time in a little bit today..went ok..lil stomach pain though which made me stop.

  • Warmed up with chest press, 30 kg for 12 reps followed by pec dec with 30 kg for 12 reps.
  • 4 sets of dumbbell bench press, 22 kg dbs for 10 reps, 30 kg for 10 reps, 32 kg for 8 reps, 32 kg for 5 reps followed by 22 kg for 4 reps followed by 16 kg for 3 reps.
  • 2 sets on incline dumbbell flys, 22 kg for 10 reps, 22 kg for 8 reps.
  • 2 sets of dips, 10 reps each.
  • 2 sets of cable crossovers, 12.5 kg for 10 reps, 15 kg for 10 reps.

Monday, 30 August 2010

What I did today 30/8/10...working on a bank holiday fail...

  • Woke up at 6am as I had to work o_O, one of the only mugs doing so.
  • Put Goldeneye on pause and headed down for some breakfast, had 2 bits of toast and a smoothie..didn't go down well.
  • Caught the bus and watched The Wire season 3 on the way to work.
  • Got there 8.20 for my 8.30 start..turns out we got a new person starting so took them on a tour of the building.
  • Work went by super quick, was only working from 8.30 to 12 so it was bound to, but I literally felt like I just started.
  • Left work at 12, smooth journey home, not TOO much waiting around for buses, especially for a bank holiday.
  • Got home and turned into chill mode, loads of PS3, loads of Jersey Shore
  • Probably should have made use of the bank holiday but lost motivation, no Carnival for me.
  • Headed off to be semi early to watch the rest of Goldeneye, need to be up mega early...

What I did today 29/8/10...arrgh forgot

  • Woke up 9ish
  • Had breakfast
  • Watched UFC 118, didn't like it
  • Played MW2
  • Had dinner
  • Watched more tv
  • Bed time

Sunday, 29 August 2010

UFC 118 Review...MMA vs Boxing?

Writing this blog as I watch the event which is a first for me. Decided to watch it today as I was way to tired last night to stay up. What usually happens is I fall asleep before the man event or wake up from the sound of Goldberg screaming ITS ALLLLL OVER!!!

Andre vs Nick
First fight I saw on the prelims was Andre Winner vs Nick Lentz..it sadly went the way I thought it would go, Lentz the wrestler pushing Winner against the cage for 3 rounds to grind out a result. Winner proved to have some awesome takedown defence and balance, but for some reason he couldn't keep his distance and didn't really have a chance to get many strikes off.

Joe vs Gabe
Next fight was Joe 'J'Lo' Lauzon vs Gabe Ruediger..both ex Ultimate fighter 5 contestants..Gabe is famous for being a fatty and not making weight to fight on the show. Anywho..Joe the hometown boy went to TOWN on this fool. OMG!! I don't think I have ever been soooo hyped for a fight that I didn't even care about. Joe beat the crap out of him..dumped him on his head, passed his guard like a knife through butter, got his back and hit him with some heavy shots, got to mount beat him up, back to his back, then he switched for an arm-bar and made him tap. This was AWESOME!!!

Dan Miller vs John Salter
Next fight was the Dan Miller fight, was a pretty boring stand up fight until Salter shot in for a double and Miller tapped him with the ninja choke..really nice stuff. Especially as Dan took this fight on short notice and literally would have got his pink slip to leave if he had lost this fight..you could see the emotion in his face when he won.

Nate vs Marcus
Nate Diaz vs The Irish Handgrenade Marcus Davis was off the hook, Marcus got a nasty cut early above his eye from a glancing punch which bothered Marcus the whole fight. It was mostly a stand up war with Nate getting the better of the exchanges with his volume of punches compared to Marcus who seemed to be reaching with his punch and missing alot. Round 3 Nate finally got him down and tapped him with the arm in guillotine...really nice stuff, if he was ever gonna win it was gonna be this way. Marcus being the hometime boy refused to tap and got put to sleep.

Gray vs Kenny
NOW!! this is the fight I am looking forward to, Gray 'The Bully' Maynard vs Kenny 'KenFlo' Florian for the number 1 contenders spot at 155. The first round was big feeling out process..Kenny staying really low looking to avoid the shot from Gray..Kenny won most of the exchanges,caught him once but Gray shook it off..wit ha Minute to go Gray got the take down but managed next to know ground and pound when he got him there.

Second round started much the same, few punches and kicks from Kenny then Gray took him down..Gray is a beast, one of the strongest guys at 155 for sure..but as usual Gray doesn't do much damage on top. 3rd round much of the same..I knew this fight would either be fight of the night or a Gray Maynard grinding borefest..and it was sadly the borefest..fairplay to Gray..he got the job done. Sad for Kenny..not sure where he goes from here.

Maia vs Miranda
Nice 185 scrap, Damien Maia the best grappler in MMA vs Mario Miranda who is dangerous everywhere. OK WTF..how is Maia taking him down at will right now? I do not see where this fight is going. First round was really weird, Damien nearly tapped him, took him down at will and Mario who has superior striking..reallllly didn't show it. Maia has put on a total BJJ clinic on this guy..grinded out the easy decision.

Toney vs Couture
OMG..what is gonna happen...oh wait he got taken down in 10 second..hilarious...arm triangle..fight over..blah blah blah..boring Randy once again.

BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar 2
Main event time, this is what I came to see. BIG take down from Frankie to start.. wowzer..first round was a big win for Frankie..took BJ down 3 times with some pretty big slams..never saw that coming at all. Second round much the same, BJ is to slow to hit Frankie and Frankie is taking him down..don't see a win for BJ. Round 2 to frankie...round 3 to frankie..round 4 to frankie..round 5 to Frankie..BJ is DONE!!! wow..did not see that coming at all. BJ looked slow, and out of his depth..SHOCKING stuff.

Not a great card, maybe because most of the fights didn't go the way I hoped..but alot were boring fights, the Joe Lauzon fight was the big highlight for me. Frankie vs BJ 2 was boring once more..Toney vs Randy was a freak show and the rest was sub standard. boo boo boo.

What I did today 28/8/10...

  • Woke up around 10ish, no stomach ache which was good, made the docs advice worked.
  • Got out of bed and came downstairs to have some breakfast, went for toast, a banana and a cup of tea.
  • Watched some of the stuff I had sky+'D, nothing to exciting.
  • checked fb and twitter..saw my mate saying he was going to see Scott Pilgrim vs The world later, so I said I would tag along.
  • Watched the first half of the Arsenal game, good to see my boy Diouf score.
  • Played a bit of guitar hero 4, a game I bought many moons ago and played once.
  • Had me some dinner while watching the Man United game..Flying Fish and Salad FTW + Man united FTW..3-0 to be exact.
  • After dinner headed off to Stratford to meet my mate to see the film.
  • OMG..the film was awesome..check my review in the post below.
  • Got in from the cinema, watched x-Factor..pretty lame again, then some of match of the day..got bored after the man united game.
  • REALLY wanna stay up to watch UFC 118, but I know I am just gonna fall asleep, so I have set it to tape and shall watch in the morning :D

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World..(movie review)

Erm...WOW..what a fucking great film. There was me thinking Inception was the shit...

Nothing better then going into the cinema to watch a film you know next to nothing about and loving it. This has happened quite a few times lately, with 500 Days of Summer, Inception and Watchmen. I'm one of those weirdo's who tries his best to avoid trailers for films. Defo worth it in this case, it meant the awesomeness was a big surprise.

I will start off by saying the storyline isn't the most original tale that's been told..BUT..its awesomely done. If like me you know nowt about this film, its basically about this nerdy guy called *surprise* Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), who meets the girl of his dreams...blah blah blah heard it all before? Oh but wait she has seven evil ex's coming after him who he must defeat.

So what makes this film fucking awesome is the insane visuals, the awesome fighting, fantastic music and the constant LOL moments. This, like Inception is a film you have to see in the cinema..and a good cinema, the sound is just awesome. Some rocking music, loads of game sounds for the nerds also. What I haven't mentioned yet is how much of a computer games theme it has..loads of stuff in there from street fighter like fights, Zelda music, No More Heroes like deaths..freakin awesome.

On to the fighting...HOLY SHIT..I thought it would be average at best, but its was actually top notch..so I've read, they used Jackie Chans stunt team and it shows. The whole fighting stuff doesn't happen straight away so your just watching a awesome film then you see the first fight and your mouth is left open and your screaming HOLY SHIT!!! I noticed a couple of movies from games in there also which raised a smile.

Visuals..WOWZER..talk about colourful..soo much going on..loads of computer games effects everywhere..Mario like 1ups..comic book AAAAAAARGHH when someone gets smashed in the face.. just plan awesome. It really adds to the film..accompanied with the fantastic sound, its just great to experience.

The story goes at a nice place, all the characters make you lol..couldn't believe some of the stuff that happened..let me just say Vegan Police..when you see it, you will laugh. So many small lil touches in there, that alot of people might miss that are hilarious if your nerdy enough to know what it means.

Would love to go into more detail about things, but I think its better left to see on your own. Defo in my top 3 fav films this year alongside Inception and Step Up 3D...would I recommend it for everyone? hmmm...not sure..if your a bit of a computer games nerd like me..or into comics you will adore this film..if not you may love it or think its totally stupid.

Forgot to mention..alot of hotties in this film..Mary Elizabeth Winsteds bedroom scene = YUM YUM..#JustSaying

All in all..9/10 fucking great.

What I did today 27/8/10...#SickTimes

  • Woke up 5.45 as I had work at 8am.
  • Again felt that morning sickness, not ideal..couldn't handle another day of this.
  • Called up the doctors at 8.30, got an appointment for 8.45.
  • Saw good old Dr Ahmed, he did loads of tests and his diagnosis was thats its gastroenteritis. Told me not to eat for the day and gave me some sachets of horrible tasting stuff to put in my drink.
  • Came home and chilled out all day, watched the CSI Triology which was pretty good.
  • Watched A-Team which was AWESOME..so so good.
  • Nowt much exciting happened throughout the day..just sat infront of the tv on the lappy watching crap tv..although big brother was pretty fun with Mr Snuggles scaring the pants off Nikki.
  • Hit the sack and watched the rest of Once Upon a time in China 2.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Awesome Randomness 20...

the Facebook 'Meh' button...

Tapi - Turn Your Faucet Into A Water Fountain

Handy no?

Cut, Paste, Undo


Thursday, 26 August 2010

What I did today 26/8/10...bad start..good end...

  • Woke up early again, 5.45 as I had a 8am start at work.
  • I've been feeling ill for the last 2 weeks in the morning, so tried to change up my breakfast and had 2 bits of toast and a cup of tea.
  • Didn't seem to work, as half way on my journey I felt very bad. Hate stomach aches and this was a bad one, felt like I was gonna vomit also. Last thing you wanna do is vommit on a bus, thats just nasty..where do you look.
  • So I struggled my way to work, had a long sit down and tried to make it pass...to be honest it hurt most of the day, but towards the end the pain died down a bit.
  • Work was ok, not ideal as someone else called in sick, which meant I was on my jack jones, but it weren't to bad.
  • Finished work at 4 and was going Westfields after, but had to be there for 6, so killed some time in the cafe watching the wire on my podcast.
  • Got to Shepherds Bush station and saw how tragic the weather was outside, nasty nasty rain..not ideal.
  • Did a bit of shopping with Parrot..then we headed off to Spaghetti House..had a nice mushroom and pineapple pizza, which at the end made my stomach hurt, I assume for eating sooo much. But it was yum.
  • checked out a few more shops, was happy to see some shops in there I didn't know they had..defo need to come back again.
  • Left there, watched the last couple mins of the wire season 2 on the train, all in all a pretty good season.
  • Got home, watched the end of Big Bro..glad to see Josie has gone, she can be funny..but she can be annoying..was good to see everyone airing out that cock John James.
  • Now i'm in bed heading off to la la land while watching Once upon a Time in China 2.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What I did today 25/8/10...

  • Woke up 5.30
  • Went back to sleep
  • Woke up at 5.45
  • Had some Cheerios
  • Made me tuna and sweetcorn sammich for lunch
  • Got washed and dressed and ran out the house.
  • Bus came right on time and I got to work 6.55..perfect
  • Was on one of the boring shifts at work, but it seemed to go pretty quickly
  • Finish at 1 and went to play some squash, solo dolo, really tough on your own, got tired quick. Technique seems to have improved a lil though.
  • Went to the gym to do a lil back workout, before my last exercise i noticed the trampolines had been set up downstairs so I had to go and have a go. MAYNE I suck now, backflipped right onto my face.
  • Headed home, and had summat to watch while watching tv
  • The delivery man was a prick and didn't take my phone, so I had to sort it out and get it all ready for them to collect tomorrow.
  • Watched Spurs vs Young Boys..pretty good game, Bale and Huddlestone are top draw.
  • Now watching Big Bro then heading to bed.

Gym Day 114..Back..lame!

Todays workout did not go to plan, kind of had stomach problems all day. I also decided to practice in the squash courts for 25 mins before hand which just ruined me. Anywho onto the lame workout...

  • 4 sets of pull ups, 8 reps, 10 reps, 2 sets of narrow grips for 6 reps, 7 reps.
  • 3 sets of lat pulldowns, 90 kg for 7 reps followed by 60 kg for 4, 80 kg for 7 reps followed by 50 kg for 5, 70 kg for 8 reps followed by 40 kg for 5.
  • 3 sets of low cable rows, 50 kg for 10 reps, 60 kg for 6 reps, 45 kg for 8 reps.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What I did today 24/8/10...

  • Woke up 9ish
  • Got out of bed and had some cheerios
  • Turned on the lappy, browsed the usual set of blogs and stuff and watched some WWE Raw
  • Headed to the gym for my legs day..dayum that was painful
  • Had some toast when I got in and got ready for work.
  • Buses all came on time, managed to get to work well on time.
  • Pretty dead day again at work, just not many people coming into the center..there does seem to be this one weirdo who keeps coming in and I feel like he is just trying to get one over me.
  • Finished at 8, headed home, for once didn't miss the bus on the walk to the bus stop..funny moment on the bus was when the driver shut the door on the old lady.
  • Got in, had me din dins and watched big bro..not happy Josie won, but not THAT sad..also TRAGIC who got brought into Ultimate Big Brother...

Gym Day 113..LEGS!!

- 6 sets of smith machine squats, 50 kg for 10 reps, 60 kg for 10 reps, 90 kg for 8 reps, 100 kg for 5 reps, 110 kg for 5 reps, 120 kg for 5 reps.
- 3 sets of hamstring curls, 50 kg for 12 reps, 65 kg for 10 reps, 75 kg for 10 reps.
- 2 sets of leg curls, 55 kgs for 12 reps, 70 kg for 10 reps.

Monday, 23 August 2010

What I did today: 23/8/10...

  • Woke up 9.30 ish, watched abit of Jeremy Kyle or whatever crap was on tv.
  • Finally got out of bed and had some breakfast. Cheerios FTW.
  • Planned to go gym but that never happened.
  • Called up HTC about my phone problems and they said they would be sending someone down to fix it, its gonna suck going back to my old Samsung for a couple weeks..gonna miss Twitter.
  • Made some toast then got ready for work which started at 4.
  • Left a lil bit earlier as my bus pass runs out today and I decided to go carphone warehouse on the way to see if they had any solutions for my phone. But when I went in there and told him it seems to have been fucked since the update and he said' WHAT 2.2 update is out?' I knew the staff sucked and he didn't have a clue.
  • Got to work well early, gave me some time to watch more of The Wire in the cafe.
  • Work was cool, REALLY dead at the gym today, was kind of bizarre, day seemed to drag though.
  • Finished 9.30, headed home..did something bad, stopped off at Tesco's for not one, but two Krispy Kreme doughnuts..they are a very quick way to lose your abs.
  • Got home, had me dinner, watched BB, now watching UFC..after this I will be heading to la la land.

What I did today: 22/8/10...

  • Woke up, looked to my right, smiled, then went back to la la land.
  • Eventually woke up proper and listened to some music, mainly Dupstep.
  • Wasn't till 1ish that I actually had a shower and got dressed.
  • Had some breakfast/ lunch/ dinner lol..beef sausages, mushrooms, red onions and noodles..kinda random, but very nice.
  • Watched the finale of Americas Got Talent..LAME!!
  • Watched some of the womens Rugby from Friday, trying to understand the game a bit, had someone walking me through it, still a lil lost.
  • Watched the Yantied vs Fulham game, did NOT go to plan, but I wasn't at all surprised..after seeing Giggs and Owen come on, and seeing Nani miss the penalty, which I knew he would, I could see a nasty draw coming. Was also watching the game with a Fulham fan which was interesting, I guess it was the best result considering the scenario.
  • Watched a Sister Act, got a lil distracted but still that films a classic. Watched a few other random things like the program about Horsepower..was actually pretty interesting.
  • Headed back to my crib around 10.40..was a bit of a shock when I saw the weather, WTF...some hardcore rain coming down out there..lucky for me I brought my umbrella ella ella and lucky for me I've got The Wire on my iPod to help pass the time on the bus..Season 2 isn't as bad as I remember it to be.
  • Got in just after 12, now chilln.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Gym Day 112..Chest and Tris...

Today went to the gym with my boy Nick and worked chest and Triceps. I had planned to work legs today, but they are still fn hurting from last Mondays workout, so i gave that a miss.

- 6 sets of flat bench press, 50 kg for 10 reps,80 kg for 8 reps, 90 kg for 4 reps, 80 kg for 5 reps, 70 kg for 8 reps, 60 kg for 8 reps.
- 3 sets of incline dumbbell flys, 20 kg dbs for 8 reps, 22 kg for 9 reps, 26 kg for 4 reps.
- 3 sets of incline machine press, 40 kg for 12 reps, 60 kg for 9 reps, 70 kg for 7 reps.

- 3 sets of alternate rope tricep extensions, 40 kg pushdowns for 10, over head for 10, underarm for 10...did the same with 45 and 50 kg.
- 3 sets of pushdowns, 70 kg for 10, 75 kg for 10, 80 kg for 10.
- 3 sets of overhead rope extensions followed by 20 kg overhead barbell extensions, 45 kg for 10, 50 kg for 10, 55 kg for 7.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Big Brother?????????????

Short and sweet blog post...WTF!! why do I always watch this god damn show? Since the first series which was so new and awesome I have either hated it or had my mind totally BLOWN by the fans who vote out the good people early. How hard is it to realise that the people you say you hate are the people that made the show enjoyable? Its sooooo fn obvious but time after time the good people early doors.

The people who have won every season since the second series, again makes no sense. Brian Dowling? Really? Kate Lawler? Really when Jade was there? Cameron? Who the fuck voted for that loser? Nadia? The chick with the dick? Anthony? Not to bad tbf..Pete? WTF was that Kem-head even doing on tv? Brian Belo? He wet the bed, he has blue eyes, he has FUCKED upp relaxed hair, he can't string a sentence together,I could go on forever on this clown..Rachel Reade? The boring welsh chick? WTF...Sophie Reade? Dogface? tbf she weren't to bad.

I just don't get the show and I don't get why I ALWAYS end up watching it..to be fair the last few years its been on in the background while i'm on the lappy or something, but still I'm bloody watching it.

The current series has been one of the worst, not as bad as number 2 which was shocking, but its been pretty darn poor. Didn't really get interesting until Sam Pepper came in and started airing people out. Somehow he isn't in the final, but freaky boring geeky Andrew is? o_O How does this happen.

As my bro always says, why didn't they just make it like the Big Brother US show? Its 10 times better..people are 'allowed' to talk about nominations and can form alliances with other housemates. This makes so much sense, how can you have a show where you can't say who you are gonna vote..it ends up making everyone look like a backstabber.

People in the US show play 'the game'..it is a game show after all, people are trying to win this shit..they aren't in there for 'the experience'. You get anyone in the UK show trying to win and they get dissed for that, when they showed get praised. no wonder the show is in its last season, here is hoping they can finish with a bang with this kind of reunion show with all the best old housemates. But GOD knows what there best housemates will look like.


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sooooo it unfortunately happened again..the one Sickness of the year...

So it seems at least once a year I get a big illness. My last big one was last April when I had Strep Throat.

To be honest, this wasn't as bad, not near as bad..Strep is probably the worst thing thats happened to me, the pain everytime I swallowed was soooooooo bad..and if i didn't go docs it would never have gone.

My lil illness I have now started last night, went to bed super early considering my normal sleeping pattern. Was supposed to be working at 6.30 today and usually would hit the hay at 11-12, but went to bed at 9.30 as I wasn't feeling the best. Got into bed, put on Crocodile Dundee 2 (as you do lol) and try to sit up and watch.

I nodded off 20 mins later, and kept waking up like every 30 mins to stupid dreams and a pain in my stomach. Couldn't figure out which way to lay down so it wouldn't hurt and I was getting annoyed by the stupid dreams. Kept dreaming that customers from work were ringing me and saying hurry up and get here I need to go gym..I'd look at my ipod to see the time (1.30am) and say fuck off...then realise oh wait I'm in bed wtf. Really random and really annoying.

Woke up this morning at 4.30, struggled downstairs to have some breakfast, then thought to myself..how about I go and get a bucket incase..I sit down and have a bite, 30 second later bluuurgghhhhh..it all came out..dunno why but I can't help but look at it when it comes out. Its horrible, like a bloody car crash, have to take a peak. From then on i knew it was a rapski for my stomach this morning. The worst thing is how tensed your abs go when your about to be sick, freaking hurts. Feels like I've done a thousand crunches.

It lasted to about 10am, started to eat some crackers and break about 3pm and it actually stayed down. Wasn't gonna eat the whole day as I got to the point where there was no food to throw up in me and God knows what was coming out of my mouth lol. But it seems to have died down, managed to have a lovely dinner tonight and it stayed down (flying fish and salad..woop woop.

So here is hoping I can have a good nights sleep and make it to work this time...wish me luck and I hope this is the last one for the year.

Yes I know I'm such a baby, its only a bit of sick :-(

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Gym Day 111...Back...

Worked back at the gym today, meant to do biceps also, but gave up on that one, wasn't in the mood at all.

Warmed up with machine pulldowns, 20 kg for 10 reps, 30 kg for 10, 40 kg for 10.
- 4 sets of pull ups, 10 reps, 8 reps, then 2 sets of narrow grip chin ups, 6 reps and 5 reps.
- 2 sets of bent over rows, 30 kg for 8-10 reps.
- 3 sets of pulldowns, 70 kg for 8 reps, 80 kg for 7 reps, 90 kg for 5 reps, drop set to 70 kgs for 4 reps, followed by 50 kg for 3 reps.
- 3 sets of lower back extensions, 35 kg for 10 reps, 40 kg for 10 reps, 35 kg for 10 reps.
- 3 sets of low pulley rows, 50 kg for 10 reps, 55 kg for 10 rep, 60 kg for 8 reps.

Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up...

Big Tune, love Nicki's flow on this..only female rapper killing it right now,I dunno how young Money has done it. They had Drizzy kill every feature, now Nicki is following suit...and DAMN she looks amazing as usual.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Gym Day 109 and 110...

Yesterday was my first time ever I think I did free weight squats, I usually do them on the smith machine.

Warmed up with 5 mins on the running machine, then a bit of stretching.

started with 50 kg (including bar) for 15 reps reps.
60 kg for 10 reps
80 kg for 5 reps
90 kg for 5 reps

Began to struggle a bit on the last few, my left glute felt like it was gonna collapse. I used to do 100 kg easy in college. I must admit I do feel better after doing legs.

after this did 3 sets on the leg extensions, max weight 84 for 10 reps and did the same on the hamstring curl machines.

Today worked chest.
- 5 sets of flat bench press, 50 kg for 10 reps, 80 kg for 7 reps, 85 kg for 3 reps, 70 kg for 7 reps, 60 kg for 10 reps.
- 3 sets of incline dumbbell flys, 20 kg for 10 reps, 22 kg for 8 reps, 25 kg for 7 reps.
- 2 sets of dips, 8-10 reps.
- 3 sets of incline chest press, 40 kg for 12 reps, 50 kg for 10 reps, 50 kg for 8 reps.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Young Jeezy – 1000 Grams (Mixtape)...

Download: Young Jeezy – 1000 Grams (Mixtape)

1. Intro
2. Death B4 Dishonor [Young Jeezy: “It’s Not A Diss”]
3. Choppa N Da Paint
4. Dope Boy Swag
5. In Da Wall
6. Powder
7. Whippin’ All Of Dat
8. Spray Somethin’
9. Yayo
10. Drug Dealin’ Muzik
11. Popular Demand
12. Porsche Music

Big Sean – Finally Famous Vol. 3 Trailer...

I'm VERY hyped for this mixtape, this is his third mixtape, following 2007’s Finally Famous, Vol. 1 and last year’s UKNOWBIGSEAN, both straight fire yo.

Features from Kanye West, Drake, Curren$y, Chip Tha Ripper, Bun B, Dom Kennedy, Tyga & more. Hosted by Don Cannon.

Real album, due September time...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Gym Day 108 Back and Bi's...

This was a workout I did on Tuesday...

- 4 sets of pull ups, 12 reps, 8 reps, different grip, 6 reps, 5 reps.
- pulldowns, 85 kgs for 7 reps, 3drop sets, 15 kg each time for 3 reps each, 75 kg for 8 reps, drop set again, 70 kgs for 8 with another drop set.
- 3 sets of bent over rows, 30 kgs for 10 reps, 32 kgs for 10 reps, 32, kgs for 9 reps.
- 3 sets of low cable rows, 45 kgs for 10 reps, 50 kgs for 8 reps, 45 kgs for 8 reps.

- 3 sets of dumbbell curls, 22 kgs for 8 reps, 24 kgs for 8 reps, 20 kgs for 10 reps.
- 3 sets of high cable double arm curls, 15 kgs for 8 reps, 12.5 kgs for 10 reps, 10 kgs for 10 reps.
- 3 sets of cable curls, 50 kgs for 10 reps, 65 kgs for 8 reps, 40 kgs for 10 reps.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

UFC Review: Wow Wow Wow UFC 117...OMG!!!

That was INCREDIBLE...I watched the first 2 rounds and was like O_O wait a minute, this isn't supposed to happen. I shouldn't have been shocked as Chael did this to Nate and I didn't expect that to happen. but wow he came out swining, hurt Anderso na fw times and was able to take him down at will.

I will admit I was a baby and had to skip through the rounds, as i just had to see it Chael won or not, got to the 5th and could see the pattern of him coming out and taking him down at will..then he gets the triangle and i was like :-D OMG OMG OMG best thing ever. Never been sooo happy about a win in the UFC.

Can't believe Chael tried to bring out his I didn't tap out gimmick again, but he gave up on looking like an ass again and just accepted it.

The Struve fight was also epic, I want the kid to do well and he got battered the first round, that was terrible, his lip looked like the nutty professors...but that quick ko in the second was brilliant.

The card had tooo many fights which didn't go the way I wanted, Hughes and Clay winning sucked, can't stand those mugs...fitch winning also sucked, as alves is my boy, but the fight proved Alves really has NO chance against GSP. Dos Santos winning was awesome, it now sets up the potential Dos santos vs Cain fight which 'will' happen when Cain kicks Brocks ass.

Was an awesome card, i now need ot go and watch the whole 25 mins of the Silva fight lol.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Gym Day 107..Chest and Triceps..

Kind of ruined my workouts this week, monday and tuesday did chest and then back, was meant to work out Thursday or Friday and do Shoulders and arms, but ended up being busy. So today my mate was going to work chest and triceps, I figured I might aswell join it, was a killer one.

- 6 sets of Bench Press, 50 kgs for 10 reps, 70 kgs for 10 reps, 90 kgs for 7 reps, 80 kgs for 7 reps, 70 kgs for 8 reps, 60 kgs for 9 reps followed by 40 kgs for 5 reps.
- 4 sets of Incline Flys, 16 kg dumbbells for 10 reps, 17.5 for 10 reps, 20 kgs for 10 reps, 22 kgs for 9 reps.
- 3 sets of Incline Chest Press, 40 kgs for 10 reps, 60 kgs for 8 reps, 80 kgs for 3 reps followed by 40 kgs for 7 reps.

- 2 sets of Close grip Bench Press, 30 kgs for 8 reps, 40 kgs for 6 reps. (hurt me wrist)
- 4 sets of dips, 15 reps, 15 kg weight for 10 reps, 20 kg weight for 9 reps, 20 kg weight for 12 reps.
- 3 sets of pushdowns/ overhead extensions, 70 kgs for 10 reps followed by 20 kgs for 5 reps, 75 kgs for 10 reps followed by 20 kgs for 5 reps, 90 kgs for 10 reps followed by 20 kgs for 5 reps.
- 3 sets of roped extensions followed by overhead extensions, 45 kgs for 10 reps, followed by 20 kgs for 5, 50 kgs for 10 reps followed by 20 kgs for 5..did that twice.

Friday, 6 August 2010

New Kanye - Power...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Game - Brake Lights Mixtape...

The Game’s R.E.D. Album is still ways away, and while that Shake song he made SUCKED!!! this mixtape is straight up fire. Its a DJ Skee mixtape Executive Produced by Cool & Dre who in my opinion make some of the nicest beats around Brake Lights features guest spots from Busta Rhymes, T.I., Nas, Snoop Dogg & with DJ Toomp, JR Rotem & more on the production side. Track listing and download link below.

01. Brake Lights (feat. Busta Rhymes)
02. Trading Places (feat. Snoop Dogg)
03. Cold Blood (feat. Busta Rhymes & Dre)
04. MIA (3 Heats) (Lebron James, Bosh, Wade)
05. Stop (feat. Rick Ross)
06. Street Riders (feat. Akon & Nas)
07. HaHaHaHaHa
08. Pushin It (feat. T.I. & Robin Thicke)
09. Thats The Way The Game Goes (feat. Shawty Lo)
10. Ecstasy
11. Phantom Of The Opera
12. Do It B.I.G. (feat. Yung Joc)
13. You Are The Blood
14. Get’em (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
15. Cherry Koolaid
16. X.O. – Heels & Dresses (feat. T.Y Dolla Sign)
17. Blackout
18. Stadium Music
19. Hustlin (Champions Anthem)
20. Menace – Chevy Sittin’ (feat. YG) [Bonus Track]

Sean Kingston feath Nicki Minaj - Letting Go (video)

I dunno why, but I've always loved Sean Kingstons music. I bumped his first album very hard, soo many big tunes on it. This is surprising considering there is nothing worse then an American putting on a Jamaican accent. But here is another banger featuring hottie Nicki Minaj.

Gym Day 105 and 106...

Monday worked Chest, Tuesday worked Back.

- 6 sets of bench press, 40 kgs for 15 reps, 70 kgs for 5 reps, 80 kgs for 8 reps, 70 kgs for 7 reps, 60 kgs for 10 reps, 50 kgs for 8 reps.
- 3 sets of incline chest press, 40 kgs for for 10 reps, 60 kgs for 8 reps, 80 kgs for 5 reps, drop set to 40 kgs for 5 reps.
- 3 sets of cable crossovers, 25 kgs for 10 reps, 30 kgs for 10 reps, 40 kgs for 8 reps..drop set to 25 kgs for 5 reps.
- 2 sets of dips, 10 reps.

- 4 sets of pulldown drop sets, 28 kgs for 10 followed by 35 kgs for 10, followed by 42 kgs for 5. 91 kgs for 8 reps, followed by 70 kgs for 5 reps, followed by 49 for 5 reps. 84 kgs for 8 reps followed by 63 for 5 reps, followed by 42 kgs for 5 reps. 77 kgs for 9 reps, followed by 56 kgs for 5 reps, followed by 35 kgs for 8 reps.
- 3 sets of high seated rows, 80 kgsfor 10 reps, 100 kgs for 10 reps, 120 kgs for 8 reps.
- 2 sets of seated rows, 56 kgs for 10 reps, 63 kgs for 10 reps.
- 1 set up assisted pull ups, 10 reps.