Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Star Wars Ecko Collection...

I need me some of this.

Guy in a rap battle gets Knocked the FUCK out...

If you wanna skip to the good stuff, watch the last 2 minutes.

This is what a little girl does to monsters...

Oldy but a good, JT, Brian McKnight and Wayne Brady improvising a song...

NEW Tony Yayo Mixtape S.O.D...

Click here to download

Nice cover art lol

This is one of the freakest videos i have seen but its funny...

Monday, 29 September 2008

Kim Kardashian shaking her money maker on dancing with the stars...

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Murda Mook vs Young Hot Rap Battle

Murda Mook is the truth

Saturday Night Live's Sarah Palin skit...


Soulja Boy wants to go to college and learn game design o_O...

After review of Braid this would be hilarious.

Sugar Shane Mosley knocks out Ricardo Mayorga in round 12...

Friday, 26 September 2008

NEW Llloyd Banks mixtape

Click here to download

5 And Better Series: Return Of The PLK"

Sick Rap battles

Iron Soloman vs Math

Serious Jones vs Murda Mook

Truth vs some random dude

Murda Mook vs Jae Millz

That battle is EPIC

Chris Rock on Larry King taking more shots at Sarah Palin lol...

Chris Rock On Larry King: Gives Some Good Reasons On Why You Should Vote For Obama. Plus Takes Shots At Sarah Palin "She's Just Like Kim Kardashian On Dancing With The Stars, All That Ass & Cant Shake It"

Will Smith to make 'I Am Legend' prequel...

WILL SMITH has been given a 40th birthday gift by Warner Bros. bosses - the chance to reprise his I AM LEGEND character ROBERT NEVILLE in a prequel to the 2007 blockbuster.

Movie executives have greenlighted the film on the movie star's birthday (25Sep08), confirming Francis Lawrence will return as the director and D.B. Weiss will pen the script.
Smith's scientist character was killed in the last film.

And it's not the only Will Smith action/sci-fi blockbuster set for a second outing - the birthday boy's Hancock co-star Charlize Theron has hinted at a sequel.

In a recent interview with MTV, the actress said, "If everybody's on board, I would be an idiot (not to do it)... Riding the Will Smith train is a really nice train to ride."

Courtesy of thisis50.com

If you wanna get Beyonce and Jay on your radio show...


David Blaine takes a punch to the gut from Kimbo Slice..

Then catches a bullet in his teeth? WTF

Chris Rock on 106 and Park, HilARious...

Kano - Hustler video...

Just got put on to this video, its pretty gutter.

Football training was a bitch...

Not only does it suck that training is all the way in Mile End which is close for like 2 players, I bloody left my oyster card on the train, so on top of the £2 i paid to get on the train i had to pay the man £3 for the journey again.

And the running we did yesterday, seemed to drag on forever. Hopping up every stair of a pretty high staircase, then running along ,the down another one, then down another one, then up another one then up another one. This felt like it lasted at least 15 minutes. Then jumping over hurdles, then loads of other crazy ish.

How I played football after I will never know. I guess it all benefits you in the end.

MUST SEE advert for the new Wario game on Wii


Thursday, 25 September 2008

LMAO at the new Diesel advert...

Diesel SFW XXX - Watch more free videos

This viral is to promote what is being billed as “the biggest international party the world has ever seen.”

Marking the 30th anniversary the the brand’s foundation, it aims to remind consumers that Diesel is a brand not to be taken for granted and that they should continue to expect the unexpected.

To mark the occasion Diesel is staging parties in 18 cities around the globe on Saturday, October 11, beginning in Tokyo.

The party will then move to Beijing, Dubai, Athens, Amsterdam, Milan, Zurich, Munich, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Oslo, Helsinki, London and Sao Paulo.

The grand finale will take place in New York City with what is being billed as a ‘Rock and Roll Circus’ themed party for 5,000 of Diesel's “closest friends and coolest trendsetters.”

The London event is to be staged at the city’s latest hot spot, Matter, located at The O2, where rave DJs will collaborate with indie bands and hip hop performers with folk singers. All proceeds are going to the youth charity, Livity.

More INSANE football vids

Thats Tatsulow, he is a freaking genius.

Touzani and Real Madrid Left Back Royston Drente WOW.

Touzani and Ronaldinho doing what they do.

Billy Wingrove doing some skills at the Wales vs Brazil match. Watch Robinho at the end asking the for ball, wanting to show what he has got.

Kanye Wests NEW Album might be out in November...

Supposedly Kanye's new album 808s & Heartbreak was supposed to come out December time, but he has said 'I CHANGED MY ALBUM TO NOVEMBER SOMETHING CAUSE I FINISHED THE ALBUM AND I FELT LIKE IT.. I WANT YALL TO HEAR IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!'

Sounds to me he is a lil worried about releasing in December as 50 Cent, Beyonce and Jay-Z to name a few might be dropping there's then also.

David Blaine in the Dive of DEATH? Realllllly..

American magician David Blaine has successfully completed his latest endurance stunt - hanging upside down over the Wollman in New Yark for 60 hours Wednesday night. The 35-year-old Blaine began his endurance challenge of being upside down, of living upside down, of drinking upside down, of eating upside down on Monday.

He completed his endurance challenge with a 44-foot plunge while attached to a wire. Later he was whisked back up in the air.

This can only be described as pointless and a massive anticlimax.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Ross Kemp on Gangs: Belizean Gang...

These guys don't play around.

Kesan from 'From G's to Gents' knocks E6 the FUCK out...

It was a bit of a bitch mood, but E6 had it coming.

Ronaldo's performance for Manchester United i nthe Carling Cup...

The game ended 3-1 to united with a comeback goal for Ronaldo. Another thing of note is Angolan striker Manucho is now fit and was on the bench.

The best Radio show in the WORLD...

This is Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenbergs morning show on Hot 97 (New York). Its always funny, never a let down, they play decent music, but this is one radio show where you look forward to the talking segments more then the music playing.

Click here to listen/download

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Just when you thought YOU were good at football...

This guy Sean challenged anyone to step up and try and avoid getting nutmegged, they failed. Incredible skill.

This Polish kid Skora has to be one of the best freestylers when it comes to chaining insanely difficult moves.

This is Dan Magness, hands down one of the top freestylers in the UK.

I think this video is from China, and its insane, the girls in this video are doing moves people have never even considered before.

No one on the corner got swagger like Puff?...

So Diddy thought it was necessary to get on T.I.'s 'Swagger like us' and to be honest its not THAT bad.

There is some questionable dancing in the video and he seemed to take a few shots at Jay, but its all on good fun, Diddy defo hasto much time on his hands though.

I bet your thinking why the **** is there pics of bikes? Look closer...

There made out of bloody lego o_O. If only you could ride these badboys.

Courtesy of kanyeuniversecity.com/blog

When booty shaking goes wrong....

Wow I am shocked they got up from that unscathed.

One more video for the lols.

R Kelly speaks on his court case...


Wow did he just say, 'When you say teenage, how old are you talking?' All I can say to that is WOW. People already think your a freak for doing a number 1 on a teenage girls face, but now your gonna say that ish? No wonder Funk Master Flex went all out on this fool.


Neunie Flicks animation..

This is a short animated video done by my cuz Keston. Just a quick incite into the life of Tony Blackwood.

It impressed me big time and always makes me lol.

Preview of the Notorious Movie...

If you didn't already know, they made a film about Notorious B.I.G's life, and it will be out early next year. The film will follow the life of Biggie, from his rise to fame to the shooting that ended his life.

Other characters to feature in the film include Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Tupac, Faith Evans, Lil Kim and Snoop.

The role of Biggie will be played by Jamal Woolard..

NEW Ne-Yo video featuring Jamie Foxx and Fabolous...

The song is called 'She Got her Own' and is actually a remix to his last single 'Miss Independent'. Its good to see someone doing a true remix and not just the same song with an artist added on at the end, making the original song pointless.

Ne-Yo kills it on this song, but I think Jamie Foxx killed him on his own ish.

Wanna be a spectator at a Drift race? Maybe not the best idea...

Some how this dude just walked away from this. if it was me I would have played hurt and went for the big pay out. At least he knows next time not to stand so ****ing close.

Monday, 22 September 2008

So I finally got into this blog ish...

Whats good party people, I finally decided to do a blog, after reading so many of them and putting people on to cool ish I have seen on them, I thought I might aswell make one myself so people can just check mine instead of me messaging everyone individually. FYI I am not the best writer ever so give me a break.

So whats gonna be on it? Loads of random ish probably, but it will be worth a look hopefully. Good youtube videos I have been put on to, things in the news that aren't depressing, but worth knowing about, some hip hop ish also as I love me some of that, new music thats come out that I think is worth checking out.

Its just gonna be some good ish that will at least be mildly entertaining and hopefully be worth checking out. Hopefully I will be updating it regularly as I know in the blogosphere, one of the worst things is not updating your ish.

Anywho thats that for now, more ish to come later.