Tuesday, 31 March 2009

50 Cent vs Officer Ricky...Mortal Kombat Paraody...

Not as good as the Chris brown vs Rihanna vid, but still pretty funny...

Being Charlie Sloth #23...

Jump Off TV reports "In this weeks episode Charlie finalizes his showcase at New Skool Rules in Holland, lays down more vocals in the studio with Dominic Owen, The Director shoots another video, The Producer wants to reach Jump Off and the Manager bumps into Miss Rascal when going for a meeting with Trey Songz"

Monday, 30 March 2009

NEW Joe Budden Tv, If I Was Single...

Very insightful interview with KiD CuDi...

the.LIFE Files Shuts Down Alife To Welcome Kid Cudi To NYC! from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

The Dream, making a beat...

Check out the man boobs lol...but seriously, dude is talented.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Ginuwine - Last Chance...he is back woop woop...

Not to be a lame man-fan, but Ginuwine is the fn man and it looks like he is still killing it. New album 'A Mans Thoughts' set to be released June 9th 09...can't wait.

New Making the Band 4 is gonna be CRAZYYYY...

Season 4 coming soon...

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Ryan Leslie making Gibberish...

Making "Gibberish" from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

My girl put me on to this and not only is it jokes, its freaking awesome, takign a lil did at Weezy and T-Pain...

Here is the whole song..

G-Unit Interview...

Not sure how old this is, doesn't seem mad recent, but it was for Hustlenomics DVD so it might be a lil old now. They speak on loads of stuff, Fat Joe gets mentioned again of course.

Nick Cannon thinkings he's a boss...

Nick Cannon speaking on how he had to tell a girl whats what who was dissing his wifey on his blog. This guy seems to have grown up since marrying Mariah, but I guess he can't really act a fool like he use to with a big woman.

Imaginary Friends Mockumentary...

This is a video of my friends 1st year single camera production at Middlesex University.

Which is a Mockumentary and deals with the issue of imaginary friends, or in this case an imaginary wife.
Producer - Ahmad Said
Director - Adil Ahmed
Camera/Sound - Franklyn Morris & Arturas Goloburdo
Editor - Shwain Faraj
Research - Mickella Durrant-Kirnon
Talent - Francis Joani

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Slaughter House - Move on

Got to love this song, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9 and Crooked I spitting tht fire. I can't tell who kills it most on this track, they all come hard *PAUSE*

Maino - All The Above feat T-Pain

Got to love ths song and the album. Maino's gonna have one of the best street albums this year.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Pharrell dancing in Mickey D's WTF...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

KiD CuDi and Kanye West Perform...


He also talks about how he wanted to retire but has taken that back.

Nikki Garnett Blog #4

Expect big things from her...http://www.myspace.com/nikkigarnett

Kei Hilson feat Kanye and Ne-yo - Knock You Down...

Pretty good song and video, Keri is ridiculously hot...

I love Musiq's music...

So on Sunday I went to the Musiq Soulchild gig at the Indigo2 and it was freaking awesome. I was never a HUGE fan of his, for some reason his name annoyed me so when he first came out I wasn't interested. But song's off his last to albums like B.U.D.D.Y and Radio made me start feeling him *pause* and after the concert I am defo a fan and I plan on checking out his first 3 albums.

I had never been to the Indigo2 before and its a pretty sweet venue, the sound is good, you got a good view from most seats or if your standing.

Musiq had a all girl support band with him called Anna Mae and they were fn phenomal. My actual highlight of the show was mid way through when Musiq took a break and they all did solo's and introduced themselves. It was soooo impressive and I am so pissed I didn't record it and I havent managed to find anything on them online yet.

Anywho I would 100% recommend everyone go see Musiq if he comes back to the UK. He played a good and varied set, loads of slow jams, then when he comes in with something like Radio it just changes up and is sooo good. I thought he would be one of those sit on a chair performers but the dudes got a few moves still.

I managed to find one vid on youtube of someone who was right infront of him...

Din Thomas calls out Chris Brown for a fight...

'If you want me to kick Chris Browns ass, Rihanna holla at me'

NEW Joe Budden Tv, In My Sleep...

Monday, 23 March 2009

Ciara feat Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic video...

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Twitter Explain lmao...

Beer Pong Trick shots, wow thats impressive...

NEW Charlie Murphy Show, HILARIOUS...

This mde me lol

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tinchey Stryder feat N-Dubz - No1

NEW Joe Budden tv, Meet me at the Creep Inn!!!!

The Kid Daytona - Fly Shit...

This kid is all swag...

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

NEW Joe Budden tv, internet comments ft 9th Wonder & Wale...

Monday, 16 March 2009

My new fav girl group ELECTRIK RED...

So Good

Drink in my Cup

Got put on to these girls recently as they were on one of my fav radio shows 'Lip Service' (check that at www.djwonder.com) and there pretty darn good. There all former dancers and video girls, but they seem to not just be hot chicks, they have talent. There signed to The Dream, so you know the music's gonna be fire.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

One of the BEST rap battles i have seen, TheSarus vs Dumbfounded...

Friday, 13 March 2009

NEW Officer Ricky cartoon...

This is too much, he's got Kanye and T-Pain involved now.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Ryan Leslie Rehearsing “Zodiac”...

Rehearsing "Zodiac" (New) from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

I don't know if I like his swag or not.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Asher Roth interview with Semtex...

Asher Roth was in London recently and broke down the Asher Roth story. He talks about how he started rapping, got signed, what he thinks of the Eminem comparisons, the new album, and more.

Breakin is the BEST!!!!!!!

So last night while watching America's Best Dance crew and seeing the crew's doing all these old school dances from films like flash dance and breakin, I got really in the mood to watch breakin.

Then I remembered I only had it on bloody vhs and the the HELL still has a vhs player (not many people I would assume), so I checked my trusty download site and low and behold, both films were there waiting for me to download

I set them to download and an hour or so later i was watching Breakin 2 in bed. Now I am older I can see how TERRIBLE the acting is, but the film is still freakin awesome and a bonafide classic everyone into dance should see.

Click here to watch Breakin 1 on youtube, the playlist is on the right for the next 10 mins.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I realllllllllllly can't be bothered...

While I am not currently in terrible shape, I really wanna get back to my best, BUT!!! I really can't be bothered now.

I started working out when I was 16, when I started college. They had a free gym and during lunch time there was pretty much nothing else to do, it was either go to the gym, go hang outside where everyone was spitting there grime lyrics or play football when it wasn't raining. So going to the gym was the obvious choice, I had absolutely know idea what I was doing. I missed the induction so I was pretty much just watching what other people did and copied them. Some of the machines looked scary as f*ck so I didn't even attempt to use them.

For that first year at college I worked out horribly when I looked back at it. I would work my biceps and pecs like everyday, which couldn't be any worse for your body. Luckily at the gym they had body building magazines about so I started to read them and educate myself more on it and in my second year I began to work out correctly. I was making some good gains and due to bench football, playing for the college team and playing for my local team on a saturday I was getting enough cardio to be in really good shape.

When I left college I was relatively happy with the shape I was in, but during the holidays before I started uni I did next to nothing and I was losing it. I couldn't wait to get to uni so I could join the gym. It was actually compulsory I signed up as I played for the uni football team and I would go there 3 times a week. Again I had uni football and saturday football as my cardio, but during the long uni breaks at the end of the academic year I wouldn't work out and my progress stopped again. The uni gym was £55 for the whole year which is a steal compared to most places these days that are £40+ a month.

Due to being lazy and just lifting big, when I left uni I weighed the most I had ever weighed, I was around 87 kilos, which was quite a jump from 78 when I left uni. But now due to uni being over and gym's being expensive I turned into a lazy bastard and I havent worked out regularly for 3 years now.

Fat boy pic

After I finished uni I had left my team also and was just playing from time to time in my brothers team, so cardio wasn't there and weight was piling up. I think I had reached the peak of how big my body could get though as I never broke the 94 kg barrier thank God.

I really could not see myself ever losing that weight as I wasn't up for paying the ridiculous gym prices and there is nothing I hate more then running lol. Luckily and unluckily for me, I got a job doing door to door sales for a few months and this job involved me walking pretty much from 11am to 8pm so add that to not eating much due to being on the move, the weight just dropped off me.

I don't know if this happens to everyone else but I really didn't even notice the weight coming off. I came home one day and my uncle said WOW Ash you lost mad weight and I was like O_O really...it was only then when I looked in the mirror and was like wowzer I am skinny as f*ck right now. So this was a good position to be in as I could now freely be lazy as I was down to 78 again. I eventually started to put some weigth back on but wasn't getting to fat, I actully looked like I was working out.

Anywho with all that crap out of the way we come to now. I am now around 82-84 kg's in weight, still in decent shape as luckily I joined a new football team who train pretty hardcore twice a week and the na game on saturday so I am not getting any fatter, just actually bothering to work out is a hassle. I have some weights in my room, but my room is tiny as can be and due to me hving to unscrew the weights and change them myself, it is such a bloody hassle I generally don't bother.

Also eating health has to be one of the hardest things to do, why oh why does all the stuff thats bad for you taste so damn nice. The worst thing I 'used' to eat was pot noodles. It doesn't taste that great (especially since the bastards made it 33% less fat lol) but its cheap and quick and was often my go to meal when i was hungry and there was nothing else, but now I fight myself everyday not to go to the shop and eat that crap lol.

I have given myself 3 months to get into the shape I want, but I am not confident at all I will get there. I said to myself on monday I would start working out, did I do that? Nope, hell no, i sat down and ate 3 chocolates and 2 packets of crisps, what a great start.

So now I am going to have to sort out some official work out schedule and get someone to punch me in the gut if i start sleeping as I will make no progress at this rate.

Ooooooooooook this very random blog post is over...

Me Now.

Monday, 9 March 2009

NEW Joe Budden tv, behind the scene at EXXXES video shoot..


The Dream - Rockin That Thang Remix (Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rock Ross, Ludacris)...

This song is crazy, Fabo and Luda kill it. The Dreams new album 'Love vs Money' out March 10th going to be fire.

Rampage vs Evan stare down...

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Good times in Tiger Tiger...

So last night was bad and good at the same time. Started off bad because I still had a lil muscle injury from football and wasn't able to play. We were playing Southgate who are bottom of the league so i was expecting a high scoring game and maybe finally i would get my first goal of the season :-(.

We played Southgate a few weeks ago and they didnt seem to want to play us. The game was supposed to kick off at 2pm and ended up kicking off at 3.30 as they took forever to get to our ground then stayed in the changing rooms forever so they game would get cancelled. In the end the ref said you can play but its gonna be 25 mins each half as there isn't enough time to play 90. It wasn't ideal but everyone was changed and warmed up so we play and beat them 3-0 lol.

But somehow in todays game the team managed to only win 1-0 when they had a full 90 mins against the bottom team. I didn't make the game as it was away but I really can't understand how that happened.

So since I didn't go to the game, I just had a chill day at home,watched the Chelsea match, watched Man United tear Fulham a new asshole, played some metal gear solid 4 (which rocks by the way).

So later that night it was my mates bday and we went Tiger Tiger in SW1

I had never been before so I ddin't know what to expect and it was pretty good. I was a lil worried on the door as I saw a group of guys get denied HARD!!!! and they said there are to many dudes in there, but I got in fine so it was all good. The music was good, hit and miss in certain rooms but overall pretty darn good. There were loads of hen parties going on with girls dressed as cops and playboy bunnies, my eyes were constantly jumping out of my head.

I saw this one chick who looked like Nicole from the pussycat dolls, basically hot as ****, she seemed to be denying any guy that came near her all night, not giving anyone the time of day, then at 2.30 i see her dropping it low and backing it up on the most random guy I have ever seen. That totally blew my mind, but fair play to the lad I guess lol.

Overall a good night, loads of jokes and good times. Got in like 4.45 and this morning i woke up at 9.45 for no FN reason, what the f is wrong with me.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

NEW Joe Budden Tv, Joey be spitting tht crack...

Thats some fire right there, I can't wait for the video. Pick up padded room also, dopest album of 09.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

NEW Lil Wayne video -Prom Queen

Its different, but I like it.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

NEW Joe Budden Tv - Floating Booty

Talk about pimping out your girl lol.

Monday, 2 March 2009

So the week turned out ok..

I went to the Carling Cup Final yesterday (Manchester United vs Totenham) and the win for United made a bad week a pretty decent one.

The atmosphere outside of the ground was ok, not as lively as I thought it would be, maybe everyone was to cold this year lol. Me and my bro were just going to go into the stadium when we heard loads of noise and ran over to see that the team buses were coming in which was cool. Got to see the United players up close and we saw the totenham bus driver mess up his turning and have to try and get in again which brought loads of cheers.

We got into the ground and found our seats and they were pretty awesome. Although it seems anywhere you sit in Wembley stadium you have a great view. We met this old lady who was telling us her life story, about how she was on her wedding anniversary with her hubby and how she goes to every game. Strangely enough she left before the game was over, wish I knew why.

The game was pretty good, both teams had good chances, Man U had a clear penalty that wasn't given, everyone went mental. The swearing was making me lol. As soon as I saw the penalty wasn't give i was calling everyone to confirm if it was a foul or not and it fn was obviously.

When it got to 90 mins I could see it going to penalties as everyone just seemed super tired and spurs were playing for the draw I felt. At that point I was super confident as man u had dont a champions league penalty shoot out, so know one would be nervous in a Carling Cup final and we bloody delivered.

It kind of sucked that they lifted the trophey in a position where we couldn't see it, btu the on the pitch celebration was right in front of us which was sweet.

The journey home turned into a bit of a nightmare as the exit we used took us know where near where we wanted to be. My gran lives close to the stadium so we went back there to chill while the traffic died down but it took way to long to get there. I also had some old totenham fan call me a bastard because i am a Man U fan from London lol. I wish I said something to him, but he was huge and I didnt notice at first he was talking to me.

Anywho, it was a good day out and a great ending to a not so great week.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Can a bad week get worse....

The week started great as it was my birthday, I had a good one as you can read about in an earlier blog post, but the rest of it has SUCKED. Tuesday I started a job with my dad where we are fitting some guys kitchen in Southgate, thats all fine, but the lack of spotting to eat every day isn't fine lol. My dad seems to be able to work and not eat all day but it kills me and every bloody day I forgot to get something to eat, I should blame myself I guess. The home owner did offer us some biscuits which i rinsed differently, but it's still not proper food.

Tuesday wasn't to bad as I wasn't actually hungry, we just ripped the kitchen out which was easy enough and we finished at 3.30 which was nice. Then on the 20 minute journey home, some puta crashed and caused a massive traffic jam which made the short journey take nearly 2 hours. Later in the day at football training only 6 people turned up (as usual) and it was a poor poor training session.

Wednesday back at work, wasn't to bad besides getting in to late for my liking. Thursday was a nightmare. Started the day off ok with a nice big breakfast as I figured that would keep me nicely for the whole day seeing as I had nothing else to eat, MY LORRDDD I was wrong. I had a stomach ache as soon as i left the house and had it all fn day. It was horrible and at work there was no where to sit down so it was a nightmare. I got in from work at 7.30pm which sucked, had to be at training in mile end by 8pm and its not 30 mins away.

I felt like crap but I didn't wanna take the piss when my team had a big cup semi-finl game coming up so i went anyways. I arrived at 8.30 and I saw NOBODY!!! Then someone else arrived, I called my manager and he was on another pitch with 2 others, so by 8.30 there was only 4 players at training when 2 days later we had the biggest game of the season. Great preperation huh?

So Friday sucked also, due to long hours and boring work. So we come to Saturday and the biggest game of our season. We got there in high spirits considering the week had sucked for training. We saw the other team and as usualy they looked nothing special. After 15 mins though and we were 2-0 down from 2 set-piece headers, you could see we were super rusty. Our left back then pulled a muscle then our midfielder got studded in his knee from a stamp tackle that EVERYONE (except for the referee of course).

Second half we came out and played much much better, but still couldn't get any good shots off. I then came off as my groin was feeling really tight *pause* and it was best to give it a rest when we had subs on the bench. The game ended and everyone was disapointed in themselves as that was a cup final we should have easily been in.

Now comes the big game today, Manchester United vs Totenham in the Carling Cup final. If Man U lose, that will just make this one of the worst weeks in recent times. And the fact I am going all the way up there (nto that far really) will make it even worse if we lose.

So good luck to the boys, hopefuly I have a fun tail to tell when I get in.