Monday, 2 March 2009

So the week turned out ok..

I went to the Carling Cup Final yesterday (Manchester United vs Totenham) and the win for United made a bad week a pretty decent one.

The atmosphere outside of the ground was ok, not as lively as I thought it would be, maybe everyone was to cold this year lol. Me and my bro were just going to go into the stadium when we heard loads of noise and ran over to see that the team buses were coming in which was cool. Got to see the United players up close and we saw the totenham bus driver mess up his turning and have to try and get in again which brought loads of cheers.

We got into the ground and found our seats and they were pretty awesome. Although it seems anywhere you sit in Wembley stadium you have a great view. We met this old lady who was telling us her life story, about how she was on her wedding anniversary with her hubby and how she goes to every game. Strangely enough she left before the game was over, wish I knew why.

The game was pretty good, both teams had good chances, Man U had a clear penalty that wasn't given, everyone went mental. The swearing was making me lol. As soon as I saw the penalty wasn't give i was calling everyone to confirm if it was a foul or not and it fn was obviously.

When it got to 90 mins I could see it going to penalties as everyone just seemed super tired and spurs were playing for the draw I felt. At that point I was super confident as man u had dont a champions league penalty shoot out, so know one would be nervous in a Carling Cup final and we bloody delivered.

It kind of sucked that they lifted the trophey in a position where we couldn't see it, btu the on the pitch celebration was right in front of us which was sweet.

The journey home turned into a bit of a nightmare as the exit we used took us know where near where we wanted to be. My gran lives close to the stadium so we went back there to chill while the traffic died down but it took way to long to get there. I also had some old totenham fan call me a bastard because i am a Man U fan from London lol. I wish I said something to him, but he was huge and I didnt notice at first he was talking to me.

Anywho, it was a good day out and a great ending to a not so great week.