Sunday, 1 March 2009

Can a bad week get worse....

The week started great as it was my birthday, I had a good one as you can read about in an earlier blog post, but the rest of it has SUCKED. Tuesday I started a job with my dad where we are fitting some guys kitchen in Southgate, thats all fine, but the lack of spotting to eat every day isn't fine lol. My dad seems to be able to work and not eat all day but it kills me and every bloody day I forgot to get something to eat, I should blame myself I guess. The home owner did offer us some biscuits which i rinsed differently, but it's still not proper food.

Tuesday wasn't to bad as I wasn't actually hungry, we just ripped the kitchen out which was easy enough and we finished at 3.30 which was nice. Then on the 20 minute journey home, some puta crashed and caused a massive traffic jam which made the short journey take nearly 2 hours. Later in the day at football training only 6 people turned up (as usual) and it was a poor poor training session.

Wednesday back at work, wasn't to bad besides getting in to late for my liking. Thursday was a nightmare. Started the day off ok with a nice big breakfast as I figured that would keep me nicely for the whole day seeing as I had nothing else to eat, MY LORRDDD I was wrong. I had a stomach ache as soon as i left the house and had it all fn day. It was horrible and at work there was no where to sit down so it was a nightmare. I got in from work at 7.30pm which sucked, had to be at training in mile end by 8pm and its not 30 mins away.

I felt like crap but I didn't wanna take the piss when my team had a big cup semi-finl game coming up so i went anyways. I arrived at 8.30 and I saw NOBODY!!! Then someone else arrived, I called my manager and he was on another pitch with 2 others, so by 8.30 there was only 4 players at training when 2 days later we had the biggest game of the season. Great preperation huh?

So Friday sucked also, due to long hours and boring work. So we come to Saturday and the biggest game of our season. We got there in high spirits considering the week had sucked for training. We saw the other team and as usualy they looked nothing special. After 15 mins though and we were 2-0 down from 2 set-piece headers, you could see we were super rusty. Our left back then pulled a muscle then our midfielder got studded in his knee from a stamp tackle that EVERYONE (except for the referee of course).

Second half we came out and played much much better, but still couldn't get any good shots off. I then came off as my groin was feeling really tight *pause* and it was best to give it a rest when we had subs on the bench. The game ended and everyone was disapointed in themselves as that was a cup final we should have easily been in.

Now comes the big game today, Manchester United vs Totenham in the Carling Cup final. If Man U lose, that will just make this one of the worst weeks in recent times. And the fact I am going all the way up there (nto that far really) will make it even worse if we lose.

So good luck to the boys, hopefuly I have a fun tail to tell when I get in.