Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I realllllllllllly can't be bothered...

While I am not currently in terrible shape, I really wanna get back to my best, BUT!!! I really can't be bothered now.

I started working out when I was 16, when I started college. They had a free gym and during lunch time there was pretty much nothing else to do, it was either go to the gym, go hang outside where everyone was spitting there grime lyrics or play football when it wasn't raining. So going to the gym was the obvious choice, I had absolutely know idea what I was doing. I missed the induction so I was pretty much just watching what other people did and copied them. Some of the machines looked scary as f*ck so I didn't even attempt to use them.

For that first year at college I worked out horribly when I looked back at it. I would work my biceps and pecs like everyday, which couldn't be any worse for your body. Luckily at the gym they had body building magazines about so I started to read them and educate myself more on it and in my second year I began to work out correctly. I was making some good gains and due to bench football, playing for the college team and playing for my local team on a saturday I was getting enough cardio to be in really good shape.

When I left college I was relatively happy with the shape I was in, but during the holidays before I started uni I did next to nothing and I was losing it. I couldn't wait to get to uni so I could join the gym. It was actually compulsory I signed up as I played for the uni football team and I would go there 3 times a week. Again I had uni football and saturday football as my cardio, but during the long uni breaks at the end of the academic year I wouldn't work out and my progress stopped again. The uni gym was £55 for the whole year which is a steal compared to most places these days that are £40+ a month.

Due to being lazy and just lifting big, when I left uni I weighed the most I had ever weighed, I was around 87 kilos, which was quite a jump from 78 when I left uni. But now due to uni being over and gym's being expensive I turned into a lazy bastard and I havent worked out regularly for 3 years now.

Fat boy pic

After I finished uni I had left my team also and was just playing from time to time in my brothers team, so cardio wasn't there and weight was piling up. I think I had reached the peak of how big my body could get though as I never broke the 94 kg barrier thank God.

I really could not see myself ever losing that weight as I wasn't up for paying the ridiculous gym prices and there is nothing I hate more then running lol. Luckily and unluckily for me, I got a job doing door to door sales for a few months and this job involved me walking pretty much from 11am to 8pm so add that to not eating much due to being on the move, the weight just dropped off me.

I don't know if this happens to everyone else but I really didn't even notice the weight coming off. I came home one day and my uncle said WOW Ash you lost mad weight and I was like O_O really...it was only then when I looked in the mirror and was like wowzer I am skinny as f*ck right now. So this was a good position to be in as I could now freely be lazy as I was down to 78 again. I eventually started to put some weigth back on but wasn't getting to fat, I actully looked like I was working out.

Anywho with all that crap out of the way we come to now. I am now around 82-84 kg's in weight, still in decent shape as luckily I joined a new football team who train pretty hardcore twice a week and the na game on saturday so I am not getting any fatter, just actually bothering to work out is a hassle. I have some weights in my room, but my room is tiny as can be and due to me hving to unscrew the weights and change them myself, it is such a bloody hassle I generally don't bother.

Also eating health has to be one of the hardest things to do, why oh why does all the stuff thats bad for you taste so damn nice. The worst thing I 'used' to eat was pot noodles. It doesn't taste that great (especially since the bastards made it 33% less fat lol) but its cheap and quick and was often my go to meal when i was hungry and there was nothing else, but now I fight myself everyday not to go to the shop and eat that crap lol.

I have given myself 3 months to get into the shape I want, but I am not confident at all I will get there. I said to myself on monday I would start working out, did I do that? Nope, hell no, i sat down and ate 3 chocolates and 2 packets of crisps, what a great start.

So now I am going to have to sort out some official work out schedule and get someone to punch me in the gut if i start sleeping as I will make no progress at this rate.

Ooooooooooook this very random blog post is over...

Me Now.