Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Breakin is the BEST!!!!!!!

So last night while watching America's Best Dance crew and seeing the crew's doing all these old school dances from films like flash dance and breakin, I got really in the mood to watch breakin.

Then I remembered I only had it on bloody vhs and the the HELL still has a vhs player (not many people I would assume), so I checked my trusty download site and low and behold, both films were there waiting for me to download

I set them to download and an hour or so later i was watching Breakin 2 in bed. Now I am older I can see how TERRIBLE the acting is, but the film is still freakin awesome and a bonafide classic everyone into dance should see.

Click here to watch Breakin 1 on youtube, the playlist is on the right for the next 10 mins.