Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Usher feat OMG (video)...

Charles Hamiltion & B.o.B Freestyle...

Monday, 29 March 2010

Kickass The Movie was pretty freakin Awesome...

Soooo I went to see Kickass yesterday and has KICKED ASS. Really cool film, loads of action and loads of hilarious moments. The film was nothing like I imagined though, maybe I don't remember the trailer to well but it had a level of violence I didn't expect. Loads of moments that made me think o_O this is a dream right, that didn't just happen in the film did it? But all in all very cool.

If you do see it, you will see the lil girl steals the show, she is just amazing in the film. Especially for someone who is like 12 years old, God knows how old she was when the film was actually being made.

The plot of the film is semi-random, its about some geeky kid who wants to fight crime and becomes the super hero Kickass. He becomes famous over night due to his fight being caught on youtube. I wanna say more, but anymore would ruin it, I liked the fact I went in there having no idea where the film was going. Just be aware that it will probably be different what you imagine, the action is great, it has sad moment, hilarious moments..and it has Nicolas FUCKING Cage who is always awesome.

Anywho I'd recommend going to see it, nice lil film.

Rating 8/10

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Nature by Numbers (one for the maths geeks out there)

This short animation called Nature By Numbers, by Cristóbal Vila, it shows examples of how mathematical relationships such as the Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio, the Delaunay triangulation can be found in the natural world.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Gym Day 62 and 63...

Thursday worked Back and Biceps

3 sets of pullups, 8-10 reps
3 sets of pull downs, 8-10 reps, max weight 75 kgs
3 sets of low rows, 10 reps, max weight 70 kgs
3 sets of dumbbell rows, 30 kgs for 7 reps, 26 kgs for 8 reps for 2 sets

1 set of cable curls, 25 kgs for 15 reps
3 sets of dumbbell curls, 20 kgs for 10 reps, for 2 sets then 18 kgs for 8-10 reps
3 sets of high cable double bicep curls, 10 nkgs for 10 reps, 12.5 kgs for 10 reps, 12.5 kgs for 8 reps
2 sets of cable curls, 25 kgs for 10 reps,
2 sets of seated hammer curls, 12 kgs for 10 reps

Friday I worked Chest

5 sets of chest press, 15 reps for 15 reps, 30 kgs for 10 reps, 45 kgs for 10 reps, 60 kgs for 10 reps, 80 kgs for 3 reps
3 sets of cable crossovers, 10 kgs for 10 reps, 12.5 kgs for 10 reps for 2 sets
3 sets of incline flys (30%) 12 kgs for 10 reps,
3 sets of incline flys twisting my wrist on the way down, 14 kg for 10 reps
3 sets of incline flys, palms down, 14 kgs for 10 reps
3 sets of incline flys (50%), 12 kgs for 10 reps
3 sets of pullovers, 20 kgs for 10 reps, 28 kgs for 10 reps
2 sets of cable bench press, 40 kgs for 6-8 reps

I then did a load of random exercises testing out my maxes, was fun, but now I'm in serious pain.

Ryan Leslie is a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, 25 March 2010

KiD CuDi - Soundtrack To My Life...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Passed Out - The Mixtape...(Download)


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Nu Brand feat Brags - Runway (video)

These guys crack me up, I remember there tune from back in the day 'Gash By Da Hour'..I do actually like this track though.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ryan Leslie x adidas Originals "When I Think About Love"

The 50 Cent Concert was AAAmazing...

So my day started semi badly with a terrible 2-2 result in my football match...oh did I mention I had a penalty saved and this team is bottom of the league :( nooooooooo. Anywho as soon as that was done I was offski to Wembley to see Fiddy.

I thought the journey from Highgate to Wembley would be a nightmare, but it was surprisingly quick. I get out of the station and 3 cops surround me and tell me 'sorry sir but you look like you are under the influence of drugs, I'm going to have to stop and search you under some stop and search act' ... my reaction was like Ok go ahead. So they waste a nice 15 mins of my time and make me look like a crook infront of the all the people walking buy, as expected they didn't find anything and I was on my way.

Soon as I left the station I spotted a Mickey D's which was a right touch, was soooo hungry, so a quarter pounder (no cheese), large fries and a spirte went down lovely.

Anywho made it to the venue, the line wasn't that crazy actually, seems we got there early enough, got in the building at exactly 7pm. Got 2 drinks, the guy asked for £8..I spat out my drink and said WHAAAAAAT!! anywho went in, wasn't sure what to expect, never seen the venue before but it was pretty cool, not that many people were there yet so we got pretty close.

Some rnb singer was performing with 2 hotties, my bro said is he latino? I was like hmm...I cant tell, after he finishes he speaks and he is some scottish guy..o_O very strange, the mug didn't even tell us his name so I can't even google him.

After that lil intermission Skepta came out to do a few tracks. Never been a fan of him, not sure why he just annoys me, but mayne he did a good little set and he has a bit of stage presents. He brought out JME also which was pretty big.

Then came G-Frsh, I've heard maybe 4 songs of his and love them all, he smacked it, was good to see someone I didn't expect to ever see live, he has a song with Tinie Tempah called 'Afar' and I just knew when he performed that Tinie would come out, and he smacked it also. He started with 'tears, then did 'Wifey' then did 'Passout' and everyone went nuts.

Tinie dropped the bombshell on everyone and said ok guys I'm off, 50 will be on in an HOUR..ouch, you could hear everyone saying an hour? WTF!!! So year a nice hour wait for them to sett up the stage, I don't understand why they couldnt have done that before and just cover it up..but whatever.

So finally 50's show starts and what an awesome intro, they had a massive projector up showing loads of before i self destruct art art work, then a video or the earth crumbling and stuff, then you could see 50's silhouette in the background holding a gun pointing at the crowd...the curtain drops then he is up there performing and Banks and Yayo come running out, soooo sick.

I couldn't believe some of the songs he performed, songs from mixtapes and some not so well known one's I thought anyways, was just perfect. For example he performed his song magic stick which he did with lil kim and rider part 2. After a while he was like fuck it its time and did In Da Club and the place just went CRAZY...he then said I'm out..and I was fully prepared for that to be the end of the show, I was like yep he's done all his bangers, great show..but then they come out and say who wants him back? And then does even more songs and everyone song I was like oh yeh..thats a big tune...he's just got tooooo many bangers in his catalogue.

A funny moment during the show was when he stopped the music and pointed at some girl and said 'do I know you? you sure? you sure we havent slept together before? you remind me of someone' then went into his song London girl, was jokes. He also brought up to random lil kids to perform with him and it was very cool, they MUST have been plants though as they were bubbling way to good to the music.

They had a few set breaks during the show when 50 went off to get changed, one was with Governor, who is the singer on 50's track 'Do You Think About Me' he stayed after performing that and sang Marvin Gaye's lets get it on. Banks then had his time to shine, which was fucking cool..the PLK did a nice set where he started off from the beginning with On Fire, went on to his last album Rotten Apple and performed Hands up which was dope. Then of course his new single Beamer, Benz or Bentley which just pop'D off crazy.

Yayo got his shine too, 50 pointed out this was the first time Yayo had been let into London, due to his previous convections and stuff and the first thing he wanted to do was...and it went straight into his song So Seductive.

They then ended the show again, and said ok we out, then Dj Whoo Kid said 'where you guys going, this is London you can't leave yet'...50 was saying security is ready to end the show, how much is it gonna cost to keep going? And he says its gonna be like a grand every 5 minutes? And he goes fuck it then and performed some more.

It was an epic show, best concert I have been to for sure. I saw Kanye at Wireless Festival last year and that was very impressive, but 50 is my favourite and he delivered.

Friday, 19 March 2010

T-Pain - Reverse Cowgirl (video)...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Consequence - Movies on Demand (mixtape)

Mixtape features Asher Roth, Rick Ross and Maino...

Click download Mixtape...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

College Boyys - FootWork (video)

Sooo...lil Romeo is back rapping with his college mates. And he is 'rejec' which I respect lol.

New Boyz feat Tyga - Cricketz (video)...

Yeah I rock skinnys, yeah I rock, yeah I yeah I rock skinny's...

Lloyd Baks feat Juelz Santana - Beamer, Benz or Bentley (video)...

Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Body Painting...

When I first saw this I though :-S, so what, some photoshop'D pic of a painting put in a real world setting. But it turns out its a dude painted to look like a canvas painting. Really amazing stuff. It was all done by an artist called Alexa Meade.

Most artists use acrylic paints to create portraits of people on canvas, while Alexa applied acrylic paints on her subjects, and made them appear to be part of a painting.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Lady Gaga - Telephone (video)...

What an AWESOME vid...

50 Canadian Artist do there own We Are the World for Haiti (Wavin Flag)...

Vid features the likes of Drake, Kardinal, Justin Bieber, Nelly Furtado and more...

Gym Day 60 and 61...

This was for Thursday (chest/ triceps) and Friday (back/ biceps)...

2 warm up sets of upper chest press, 20 kgs for 20 reps
3 sets of flat bench press, 60 kgs for 6-10 reps
3 sets of upper chest press, 40 kgs for 12 reps, 50 kgs for 10 reps, 50 kgs for 8 reps
3 sets of incline dumbbell flys, 12.5 kgs for 10 reps
2 sets of pec dec, 56 kg for 10 reps, 63 kgs for 8 reps.

3 sets of pushdowns, 65 kgs for 12 reps, 70 kgs for 10 reps, 75 kgs for 8 reps
3 sets of overhead rope extensions, 40 kgs for 12 reps, 50 kgs for 10 reps, 55 kgs for 6 reps
2 sets of kickbacks, 12.5 kgs for 10 reps

2 warm up sets of pulldowns, 30 kgs for 20 reps, 35 kgs for 15 reps
3 sets of pull ups, 8-10 reps
3 sets of high seated rows, 80 kgs for 10 reps, 100 kgs for 8 reps, 100 kgs for 7 reps
3 sets of single arm dumbbell rows, 28 kgs for 8-10 reps
3 sets of pulldowns, 56 kgs for 10 reps, 63 kgs for 8 reps, 70 kgs for 6 reps

3 sets of barbell curls, 30 kgs for 10 reps, 35 kgs for 10 reps, 35 kgs for 8 reps
3 sets of preacher curls, 40 kgs for 10 reps, 45 kgs for 8 reps, 50 kgs for 6 reps
2 sets of dumbbell curls, 20 kgs for 8 reps followed by 12.5 kg hammer curls

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

B.o.B feat bruno Mars - Nothin On You (video/ mixtape)...

B.o.B has to be one of the best young rappers about right now. Signed to T.I's Grand Hustle label, he brings something different to the game. Well to be honest he sounds like a young Andre 3000's, which is NOT a bad thing as Andre is one of the best to ever do it.

If you like the song check out his mixtapes B.o.B vs Bobby Ray ... Who the F#@K is B.o.B ... May 25th

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Amber Rose is the BADDEST Chick...

She can make any look work...Pink jacket, White T, Black bottoms and some Yeezy's? Killing it...

Matt Clark = VERY BIG!!!

So today on my day off I was just browsing the web (as you do), was on FB and I saw someone posted some video of a guy singing a Maxwell cover. After watching it I went on a cover song marathon it seems and was checking out loads, in particular Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy song..I was manly checking that out because I was wondering whether anyone could hit that crazy falsetto. Turns out not many could. So from Robin Thicke I went to Justin Timberlake and checked out covers of N'sync's song Gone..and doing so I came across some dude called Matt Clark, and that dude is awesome imo.

What made me click his video in particular was because on the related vids there was him singing Blaque songs 'Bring it All to Me''s one of my fav songs from back in secondary school and it's just not something I would have expected, but him and some chick sang it and it was rather good. He sings a few songs I wouldnt have expected and does a great job with them. Anywho check out some of his ish...

Click HERE to check out his YouTube page...

KiD CuDi - Pursuit Of Happiness [Alternate Version]...

If you haven't heard the KiD CuDi album, cop it now, its very big. When an album has only 2 songs I don't love, its freakin good.

Gym Day 58 and 59...

This was last week Thursday and Friday, worked Chest, Triceps, Back and Biceps...

1 set chest press, 20 reps
3 sets of incline dumbbell bench press, 10 reps
3 sets of incline dumbbell flys, 10 reps
3 sets of pec dec, 10 reps

3 sets of pushdowns
3 sets of kickbacks

3 sets of pull ups, 8-10 reps
3 sets of pull downs, 70 kg for 10 reps, 75 for 8, 80 for 6 (all involved drop sets)
3 sets of seated rows, 10 reps
3 sets of upper back rows,
3 sets of lower back extensions

3 sets of dumbbell curls, 18 kgs for 10 reps, 18 kgs for 8 reps, 14 kgs for 10 slow reps.
3 sets of double arm high cable curls, 8-10 reps
3 sets of hammer curls, 12 kgs for 10 reps.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mike Posner - One Foot Out the Door (mixtape)...

Download mixtape HERE...

Also check out my previous blog post about him, he's VERY dope.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Lil Wayne feat Eminem - Drop the World (video)...

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mike Posner is pretty Dope...(mixtape download)

Singer, songwriter and producer, still at Duke Uni and touring on the weekends, CRAZY!!'s his mixtape Mike Posner and The Brain Trust – A Matter of Time...Download HERE...

Kevin Rudolf Feat. Birdman, Jay Sean & Lil Wayne - I Made It (video)

Big Sean Feat. GLC & Chip Tha Ripper - Okay (video)...

Big Sean feat. Chip Tha Ripper & GLC - Okay from Davy Greenberg on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Chino XL - Wordsmith..This song is Lyrically insane...

Chino went INNNNNNNNNNNN on this...

Soulja Boy - All Black Everything (video)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Young Money - Roger That (video)...