Monday, 29 March 2010

Kickass The Movie was pretty freakin Awesome...

Soooo I went to see Kickass yesterday and has KICKED ASS. Really cool film, loads of action and loads of hilarious moments. The film was nothing like I imagined though, maybe I don't remember the trailer to well but it had a level of violence I didn't expect. Loads of moments that made me think o_O this is a dream right, that didn't just happen in the film did it? But all in all very cool.

If you do see it, you will see the lil girl steals the show, she is just amazing in the film. Especially for someone who is like 12 years old, God knows how old she was when the film was actually being made.

The plot of the film is semi-random, its about some geeky kid who wants to fight crime and becomes the super hero Kickass. He becomes famous over night due to his fight being caught on youtube. I wanna say more, but anymore would ruin it, I liked the fact I went in there having no idea where the film was going. Just be aware that it will probably be different what you imagine, the action is great, it has sad moment, hilarious moments..and it has Nicolas FUCKING Cage who is always awesome.

Anywho I'd recommend going to see it, nice lil film.

Rating 8/10