Sunday, 8 March 2009

Good times in Tiger Tiger...

So last night was bad and good at the same time. Started off bad because I still had a lil muscle injury from football and wasn't able to play. We were playing Southgate who are bottom of the league so i was expecting a high scoring game and maybe finally i would get my first goal of the season :-(.

We played Southgate a few weeks ago and they didnt seem to want to play us. The game was supposed to kick off at 2pm and ended up kicking off at 3.30 as they took forever to get to our ground then stayed in the changing rooms forever so they game would get cancelled. In the end the ref said you can play but its gonna be 25 mins each half as there isn't enough time to play 90. It wasn't ideal but everyone was changed and warmed up so we play and beat them 3-0 lol.

But somehow in todays game the team managed to only win 1-0 when they had a full 90 mins against the bottom team. I didn't make the game as it was away but I really can't understand how that happened.

So since I didn't go to the game, I just had a chill day at home,watched the Chelsea match, watched Man United tear Fulham a new asshole, played some metal gear solid 4 (which rocks by the way).

So later that night it was my mates bday and we went Tiger Tiger in SW1

I had never been before so I ddin't know what to expect and it was pretty good. I was a lil worried on the door as I saw a group of guys get denied HARD!!!! and they said there are to many dudes in there, but I got in fine so it was all good. The music was good, hit and miss in certain rooms but overall pretty darn good. There were loads of hen parties going on with girls dressed as cops and playboy bunnies, my eyes were constantly jumping out of my head.

I saw this one chick who looked like Nicole from the pussycat dolls, basically hot as ****, she seemed to be denying any guy that came near her all night, not giving anyone the time of day, then at 2.30 i see her dropping it low and backing it up on the most random guy I have ever seen. That totally blew my mind, but fair play to the lad I guess lol.

Overall a good night, loads of jokes and good times. Got in like 4.45 and this morning i woke up at 9.45 for no FN reason, what the f is wrong with me.