Monday, 22 September 2008

So I finally got into this blog ish...

Whats good party people, I finally decided to do a blog, after reading so many of them and putting people on to cool ish I have seen on them, I thought I might aswell make one myself so people can just check mine instead of me messaging everyone individually. FYI I am not the best writer ever so give me a break.

So whats gonna be on it? Loads of random ish probably, but it will be worth a look hopefully. Good youtube videos I have been put on to, things in the news that aren't depressing, but worth knowing about, some hip hop ish also as I love me some of that, new music thats come out that I think is worth checking out.

Its just gonna be some good ish that will at least be mildly entertaining and hopefully be worth checking out. Hopefully I will be updating it regularly as I know in the blogosphere, one of the worst things is not updating your ish.

Anywho thats that for now, more ish to come later.