Sunday, 29 August 2010

What I did today 28/8/10...

  • Woke up around 10ish, no stomach ache which was good, made the docs advice worked.
  • Got out of bed and came downstairs to have some breakfast, went for toast, a banana and a cup of tea.
  • Watched some of the stuff I had sky+'D, nothing to exciting.
  • checked fb and twitter..saw my mate saying he was going to see Scott Pilgrim vs The world later, so I said I would tag along.
  • Watched the first half of the Arsenal game, good to see my boy Diouf score.
  • Played a bit of guitar hero 4, a game I bought many moons ago and played once.
  • Had me some dinner while watching the Man United game..Flying Fish and Salad FTW + Man united FTW..3-0 to be exact.
  • After dinner headed off to Stratford to meet my mate to see the film.
  • OMG..the film was awesome..check my review in the post below.
  • Got in from the cinema, watched x-Factor..pretty lame again, then some of match of the bored after the man united game.
  • REALLY wanna stay up to watch UFC 118, but I know I am just gonna fall asleep, so I have set it to tape and shall watch in the morning :D