Sunday, 8 August 2010

UFC Review: Wow Wow Wow UFC 117...OMG!!!

That was INCREDIBLE...I watched the first 2 rounds and was like O_O wait a minute, this isn't supposed to happen. I shouldn't have been shocked as Chael did this to Nate and I didn't expect that to happen. but wow he came out swining, hurt Anderso na fw times and was able to take him down at will.

I will admit I was a baby and had to skip through the rounds, as i just had to see it Chael won or not, got to the 5th and could see the pattern of him coming out and taking him down at will..then he gets the triangle and i was like :-D OMG OMG OMG best thing ever. Never been sooo happy about a win in the UFC.

Can't believe Chael tried to bring out his I didn't tap out gimmick again, but he gave up on looking like an ass again and just accepted it.

The Struve fight was also epic, I want the kid to do well and he got battered the first round, that was terrible, his lip looked like the nutty professors...but that quick ko in the second was brilliant.

The card had tooo many fights which didn't go the way I wanted, Hughes and Clay winning sucked, can't stand those mugs...fitch winning also sucked, as alves is my boy, but the fight proved Alves really has NO chance against GSP. Dos Santos winning was awesome, it now sets up the potential Dos santos vs Cain fight which 'will' happen when Cain kicks Brocks ass.

Was an awesome card, i now need ot go and watch the whole 25 mins of the Silva fight lol.