Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What I did today 24/8/10...

  • Woke up 9ish
  • Got out of bed and had some cheerios
  • Turned on the lappy, browsed the usual set of blogs and stuff and watched some WWE Raw
  • Headed to the gym for my legs day..dayum that was painful
  • Had some toast when I got in and got ready for work.
  • Buses all came on time, managed to get to work well on time.
  • Pretty dead day again at work, just not many people coming into the center..there does seem to be this one weirdo who keeps coming in and I feel like he is just trying to get one over me.
  • Finished at 8, headed home, for once didn't miss the bus on the walk to the bus stop..funny moment on the bus was when the driver shut the door on the old lady.
  • Got in, had me din dins and watched big bro..not happy Josie won, but not THAT sad..also TRAGIC who got brought into Ultimate Big Brother...