Sunday, 29 August 2010

UFC 118 Review...MMA vs Boxing?

Writing this blog as I watch the event which is a first for me. Decided to watch it today as I was way to tired last night to stay up. What usually happens is I fall asleep before the man event or wake up from the sound of Goldberg screaming ITS ALLLLL OVER!!!

Andre vs Nick
First fight I saw on the prelims was Andre Winner vs Nick sadly went the way I thought it would go, Lentz the wrestler pushing Winner against the cage for 3 rounds to grind out a result. Winner proved to have some awesome takedown defence and balance, but for some reason he couldn't keep his distance and didn't really have a chance to get many strikes off.

Joe vs Gabe
Next fight was Joe 'J'Lo' Lauzon vs Gabe Ruediger..both ex Ultimate fighter 5 contestants..Gabe is famous for being a fatty and not making weight to fight on the show. Anywho..Joe the hometown boy went to TOWN on this fool. OMG!! I don't think I have ever been soooo hyped for a fight that I didn't even care about. Joe beat the crap out of him..dumped him on his head, passed his guard like a knife through butter, got his back and hit him with some heavy shots, got to mount beat him up, back to his back, then he switched for an arm-bar and made him tap. This was AWESOME!!!

Dan Miller vs John Salter
Next fight was the Dan Miller fight, was a pretty boring stand up fight until Salter shot in for a double and Miller tapped him with the ninja choke..really nice stuff. Especially as Dan took this fight on short notice and literally would have got his pink slip to leave if he had lost this could see the emotion in his face when he won.

Nate vs Marcus
Nate Diaz vs The Irish Handgrenade Marcus Davis was off the hook, Marcus got a nasty cut early above his eye from a glancing punch which bothered Marcus the whole fight. It was mostly a stand up war with Nate getting the better of the exchanges with his volume of punches compared to Marcus who seemed to be reaching with his punch and missing alot. Round 3 Nate finally got him down and tapped him with the arm in guillotine...really nice stuff, if he was ever gonna win it was gonna be this way. Marcus being the hometime boy refused to tap and got put to sleep.

Gray vs Kenny
NOW!! this is the fight I am looking forward to, Gray 'The Bully' Maynard vs Kenny 'KenFlo' Florian for the number 1 contenders spot at 155. The first round was big feeling out process..Kenny staying really low looking to avoid the shot from Gray..Kenny won most of the exchanges,caught him once but Gray shook it off..wit ha Minute to go Gray got the take down but managed next to know ground and pound when he got him there.

Second round started much the same, few punches and kicks from Kenny then Gray took him down..Gray is a beast, one of the strongest guys at 155 for sure..but as usual Gray doesn't do much damage on top. 3rd round much of the same..I knew this fight would either be fight of the night or a Gray Maynard grinding borefest..and it was sadly the borefest..fairplay to Gray..he got the job done. Sad for Kenny..not sure where he goes from here.

Maia vs Miranda
Nice 185 scrap, Damien Maia the best grappler in MMA vs Mario Miranda who is dangerous everywhere. OK is Maia taking him down at will right now? I do not see where this fight is going. First round was really weird, Damien nearly tapped him, took him down at will and Mario who has superior striking..reallllly didn't show it. Maia has put on a total BJJ clinic on this guy..grinded out the easy decision.

Toney vs Couture
OMG..what is gonna happen...oh wait he got taken down in 10 second..hilarious...arm triangle..fight over..blah blah blah..boring Randy once again.

BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar 2
Main event time, this is what I came to see. BIG take down from Frankie to start.. wowzer..first round was a big win for Frankie..took BJ down 3 times with some pretty big slams..never saw that coming at all. Second round much the same, BJ is to slow to hit Frankie and Frankie is taking him down..don't see a win for BJ. Round 2 to frankie...round 3 to frankie..round 4 to frankie..round 5 to Frankie..BJ is DONE!!! wow..did not see that coming at all. BJ looked slow, and out of his depth..SHOCKING stuff.

Not a great card, maybe because most of the fights didn't go the way I hoped..but alot were boring fights, the Joe Lauzon fight was the big highlight for me. Frankie vs BJ 2 was boring once more..Toney vs Randy was a freak show and the rest was sub standard. boo boo boo.