Monday, 23 August 2010

What I did today: 22/8/10...

  • Woke up, looked to my right, smiled, then went back to la la land.
  • Eventually woke up proper and listened to some music, mainly Dupstep.
  • Wasn't till 1ish that I actually had a shower and got dressed.
  • Had some breakfast/ lunch/ dinner lol..beef sausages, mushrooms, red onions and noodles..kinda random, but very nice.
  • Watched the finale of Americas Got Talent..LAME!!
  • Watched some of the womens Rugby from Friday, trying to understand the game a bit, had someone walking me through it, still a lil lost.
  • Watched the Yantied vs Fulham game, did NOT go to plan, but I wasn't at all surprised..after seeing Giggs and Owen come on, and seeing Nani miss the penalty, which I knew he would, I could see a nasty draw coming. Was also watching the game with a Fulham fan which was interesting, I guess it was the best result considering the scenario.
  • Watched a Sister Act, got a lil distracted but still that films a classic. Watched a few other random things like the program about Horsepower..was actually pretty interesting.
  • Headed back to my crib around 10.40..was a bit of a shock when I saw the weather, WTF...some hardcore rain coming down out there..lucky for me I brought my umbrella ella ella and lucky for me I've got The Wire on my iPod to help pass the time on the bus..Season 2 isn't as bad as I remember it to be.
  • Got in just after 12, now chilln.