Friday, 20 August 2010

Big Brother?????????????

Short and sweet blog post...WTF!! why do I always watch this god damn show? Since the first series which was so new and awesome I have either hated it or had my mind totally BLOWN by the fans who vote out the good people early. How hard is it to realise that the people you say you hate are the people that made the show enjoyable? Its sooooo fn obvious but time after time the good people early doors.

The people who have won every season since the second series, again makes no sense. Brian Dowling? Really? Kate Lawler? Really when Jade was there? Cameron? Who the fuck voted for that loser? Nadia? The chick with the dick? Anthony? Not to bad tbf..Pete? WTF was that Kem-head even doing on tv? Brian Belo? He wet the bed, he has blue eyes, he has FUCKED upp relaxed hair, he can't string a sentence together,I could go on forever on this clown..Rachel Reade? The boring welsh chick? WTF...Sophie Reade? Dogface? tbf she weren't to bad.

I just don't get the show and I don't get why I ALWAYS end up watching be fair the last few years its been on in the background while i'm on the lappy or something, but still I'm bloody watching it.

The current series has been one of the worst, not as bad as number 2 which was shocking, but its been pretty darn poor. Didn't really get interesting until Sam Pepper came in and started airing people out. Somehow he isn't in the final, but freaky boring geeky Andrew is? o_O How does this happen.

As my bro always says, why didn't they just make it like the Big Brother US show? Its 10 times better..people are 'allowed' to talk about nominations and can form alliances with other housemates. This makes so much sense, how can you have a show where you can't say who you are gonna ends up making everyone look like a backstabber.

People in the US show play 'the game' is a game show after all, people are trying to win this shit..they aren't in there for 'the experience'. You get anyone in the UK show trying to win and they get dissed for that, when they showed get praised. no wonder the show is in its last season, here is hoping they can finish with a bang with this kind of reunion show with all the best old housemates. But GOD knows what there best housemates will look like.



pobbop said...

yeah jade deserved to beat kate, latent racism is great fun after all