Thursday, 26 August 2010

What I did today 26/8/10...bad start..good end...

  • Woke up early again, 5.45 as I had a 8am start at work.
  • I've been feeling ill for the last 2 weeks in the morning, so tried to change up my breakfast and had 2 bits of toast and a cup of tea.
  • Didn't seem to work, as half way on my journey I felt very bad. Hate stomach aches and this was a bad one, felt like I was gonna vomit also. Last thing you wanna do is vommit on a bus, thats just nasty..where do you look.
  • So I struggled my way to work, had a long sit down and tried to make it be honest it hurt most of the day, but towards the end the pain died down a bit.
  • Work was ok, not ideal as someone else called in sick, which meant I was on my jack jones, but it weren't to bad.
  • Finished work at 4 and was going Westfields after, but had to be there for 6, so killed some time in the cafe watching the wire on my podcast.
  • Got to Shepherds Bush station and saw how tragic the weather was outside, nasty nasty rain..not ideal.
  • Did a bit of shopping with Parrot..then we headed off to Spaghetti House..had a nice mushroom and pineapple pizza, which at the end made my stomach hurt, I assume for eating sooo much. But it was yum.
  • checked out a few more shops, was happy to see some shops in there I didn't know they had..defo need to come back again.
  • Left there, watched the last couple mins of the wire season 2 on the train, all in all a pretty good season.
  • Got home, watched the end of Big Bro..glad to see Josie has gone, she can be funny..but she can be annoying..was good to see everyone airing out that cock John James.
  • Now i'm in bed heading off to la la land while watching Once upon a Time in China 2.