Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sooooo it unfortunately happened again..the one Sickness of the year...

So it seems at least once a year I get a big illness. My last big one was last April when I had Strep Throat.

To be honest, this wasn't as bad, not near as bad..Strep is probably the worst thing thats happened to me, the pain everytime I swallowed was soooooooo bad..and if i didn't go docs it would never have gone.

My lil illness I have now started last night, went to bed super early considering my normal sleeping pattern. Was supposed to be working at 6.30 today and usually would hit the hay at 11-12, but went to bed at 9.30 as I wasn't feeling the best. Got into bed, put on Crocodile Dundee 2 (as you do lol) and try to sit up and watch.

I nodded off 20 mins later, and kept waking up like every 30 mins to stupid dreams and a pain in my stomach. Couldn't figure out which way to lay down so it wouldn't hurt and I was getting annoyed by the stupid dreams. Kept dreaming that customers from work were ringing me and saying hurry up and get here I need to go gym..I'd look at my ipod to see the time (1.30am) and say fuck off...then realise oh wait I'm in bed wtf. Really random and really annoying.

Woke up this morning at 4.30, struggled downstairs to have some breakfast, then thought to about I go and get a bucket incase..I sit down and have a bite, 30 second later all came out..dunno why but I can't help but look at it when it comes out. Its horrible, like a bloody car crash, have to take a peak. From then on i knew it was a rapski for my stomach this morning. The worst thing is how tensed your abs go when your about to be sick, freaking hurts. Feels like I've done a thousand crunches.

It lasted to about 10am, started to eat some crackers and break about 3pm and it actually stayed down. Wasn't gonna eat the whole day as I got to the point where there was no food to throw up in me and God knows what was coming out of my mouth lol. But it seems to have died down, managed to have a lovely dinner tonight and it stayed down (flying fish and salad..woop woop.

So here is hoping I can have a good nights sleep and make it to work this time...wish me luck and I hope this is the last one for the year.

Yes I know I'm such a baby, its only a bit of sick :-(