Monday, 20 April 2009

sicK siCK sICK SICK!!!!!

So since wednesday maybe I have had the worst sore throat I have ever had. I figured I take some stripsles and some paracetamol I would be good to go soon enough. 5 days down the line its just as bad, maybe even worse, in fact it is bloody worse.

Due to how things worked out I didn't have time to go to the docs due to the weekend and stuff so first thing this morning I gave them a call to get an appointment. MY LORRDDD that is a long process, looking at my phones last calls list I called the forest surgery 84 bloody times. When you call it either bleeps to say its engaged or it rings meaning you got through, you hve to listen to the stupid automated message, press 1, then they put you through to appointments.

After call...44 or so I get through and its ringing, then the phone goes dead :-( I wanted to cry at this point and give up but I had to get this seen too as its not getting better. As I said cll 84 I got through and had my appointment for 10.10am.

I get there and the lady is ask's for my name, which doesn't appear to be on any list, so she asks who my doctor is and writes it on a piece of paper. Turns out there computer system is down, so the surgery is in bits at the mo. It gets to 11 and I still havent been seen :-( the only thing keeping me sane is some hottie sitting next to me (hmm..I wonder if she is from the ends? I guess she has to be *only joking*). Eventually the receptionist asks me what my name is again, 10 mins later the doctor comes out and calls someone else to come in, the receptionist stops him and says leslie is next. Turns out she thought my name was leslie ¬_¬

Anywho I see the doc, I show him the swallow area on my neck, he has a look at my throat and write away says yep its streptococcal tonsillitis....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

The doc prescribes some antibiotics for me and I was on my way. I had only grabbed some rndom change on my table before I left, so when I went to the pharmacy I was a lil nervous I would have to bloody walk all the way back there as I wasn't up for that. Lucky the medicine was £7.20 and I had £8.

I pretty much haven't eaten all day as swallowing bloody kills me and the thought of having to do it puts me right off it. Tried to have some soup earlier but I just couldn't handle it, luckily for me I don't eat much as it is.

Anywho I hope to God I feel better tomorrow morning, but the doc thinks after 48 hours...