Saturday, 25 April 2009

Twas a good day...

After missing 2 football matches last week it was great to be back today. As soon as I walked into the dressing room to say whats good to everyone, everyong said to me 'Damn you lost weight' wasn't to happy about that lol. As someone who is trying to put on weight, my recent sickness has f*cked me over big time, not really eating for a week has made me drop some serious poundage.

Anywho back to today...we had a double header against the team top of our league, who have only lost one game this season. We HAD to win both games to put ourselves in the driving seat for the league. This wouldn't be easy with the stupidly hot weather and the fact there top of the league.

I turned up expecting to play at some point, but probably not start, to my delight I had a starting role left midfield (my fav position). The first game went really well, we were 2-0 up in in the first half with goal from our striker Femi. Second half they nicked a crappy goal from us and put us under a lil pressure. Then our other striker Ebi came on and banged in a quality goal from Femi's cross to make it 3-1 and the game was done and dusted.

Second game started with pretty much the same team that ended the first game, I played pretty well in the second game considering I was in bits from having not played or trained for nearly 2 weeks. We ended up nicking 1 goal and we were able to hold out for the victory.

Next was the big game, Man U vs Spurs. Watched the first half at the football teams hut. There was 5 untied fans and 3 Spurs fans. I was running my mouth as usual, then 25 mins later I was in bits looking for my bag so I could go home :-( I ended up leaving at half time as the stupid freeview kept freezing.

When I got in it was 2-1 :-) then BANG 2-2 I was over the bloody moon, ran to tell my mum, when I got back 3-2 WOWZER, then 4-2 o_O then 5-2 WTF!!! I was so happy its untrue.

I texted my spurs friend from my football team saying woop woop and to quote his response 'Fuck you' lmao...loves it.

What a good day for football, can't wait for match of the day now...