Monday, 13 April 2009

Need to up my high-top game...

Just looking through my lame selection of trainers and realised MAYNE I really could do with some high-tops. For some reason I have always been against them, not sure why now as they look serious, but I have never bought a pair.

Looking at whats out right now, I couldn't have more choice really, new ish is getting released everyday.

Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid??

This is the new colour design coming out very soon from Nike. The white one's have been out for a hot minute now, but I think these are fresher.

Air Jordan I 09??

These are serious, red lace, red felt sign, red bottoms and yellow stitching? WOWZER...

Supra Vaider??

I don't see many people with Supra's but I think there fresh...they have loads of colours for them also, can't go wrong.

Vans Sk8Hi Cup??

I saw someone with these in purple and they looked CRAZY, need to find these in a better colour and I will be all over them...

And just for the lols check out the Burger sneakers...