Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Another lame turnout at football...

So another globe rangers training session and again less then 11 people turn up. I cannot remember the last time we had a training where there was at least a full squad there. Its turning into a big joke, seeing as on a saturday we will have 15 players turn up, but at training we get 4-8 every week :-(.

For some reason I was looking forward to todays training, then when I finally got there I remember that knowbody goes and there was only 4 other people there. It wasn't looking to be good. Thankfully 3 others turned up later and we did a lil training session.

We started with laods of tiring and annoyign shuttle runs which totally had me gassed, I was in bits after the first run, it felt like the first time i had ran for a year or something. After loads of this annoyness we played a lil 4 a side game which was pretty good as my team rinsed the other team.

So I get home from football and turn the tv on to see the Man U vs Porto score is 1-1, I was NOT happy, then Tevez scored and i am over the moon, I was just about to text all my Man U mates brapppp then fn Porto scored to ruin my day :-(.

Not the best day for football...