Sunday, 5 April 2009

Another BIG win for Globe...

So yesterday was my Team Globe Rsngers 11th league game of the season. That number might seem low and it is, thats because the team was entered into 5 different cups and we got fairly far in most of them. I think we are still in one of them actually. So our whole league schedule has been messed about.

The top team in our league Old Minchendenians II have played 13 games and our on 36 points where as second has 34 points but has played 17 games. We are on 11 games with 27 points, meaning if we win our games in hand on the top team we will be 3 behind. Which is not that bad considerng we have to play them twice.

Anywho yesterdays game was really good, one of the teams best performances of the season, our passing was crisp, the finishing was really on point. We got to the pitch, which was the ground behind Fairlop power league and right away I noticed the ground was hard as fuck, which meant loas of high bouncing from goal kicks, what a bloody nightmare. Luckily for me I had bought a pair of Adidas copas in the morning as I feared the pitch would be like that and my current boots were in bits.

Anywho the manager starts to pick the starting line up, gets to the right back position where I play and he says another player is playing there and I am like O_o wowzer, I got owned there, then he pics the 3 midfielders, still no Ashley o_O then he picks the 3 forwards and surprisingly there's my name WOOOOHOOOO.

So I finally get to play in a offensive position for like the 4th time this season which was great, early in the game I had 2 shots which the keeper did well to save, I thought it was finally my day to get my goal but that didn't bloody happen. Second half I had a excellent chance where I beat to mean then was pretty much 1 on 1 with the keeper but instead of shooting I decided to try and beat another guy on the way and it was there I got tackled and ended up getting off a weak shot.

Anywho we played great, we won 6-2, 2 goals from our striker ebi, 2 from the right forward Femi, 1 from Marney and 1 from the Cappo Andrew. All were pretty great goals, couldn't really pick the best one out of the bunch. Another good win, got to keep it up if we are gonna win the league...