Saturday, 11 April 2009

Wassupp Rockers!!!!!

When it started I was thinking 'oooooooooooooooooook wtf is this' as it starts out with one of the El Salvadorian kids just randomly chatting to the camera about his friends. But its just a cool but random film, at some points it looks like some sort of reality show in how its filmed but its just a very cool movie.

Summary courtesy of Wiki

'Wassup Rockers is about a group of Guatemalan American and Salvadoran American teenagers in South Central Los Angeles who, instead of conforming to the hip hop culture of their gang-infested neighborhood, wear tight pants, listen to punk rock,and ride skateboards. Avoiding the violence of their dangerous home turf is an everyday challenge'.

Oh and I am gonna be straight on google after I post this looking for a skateboard lol...