Saturday, 28 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World..(movie review)

Erm...WOW..what a fucking great film. There was me thinking Inception was the shit...

Nothing better then going into the cinema to watch a film you know next to nothing about and loving it. This has happened quite a few times lately, with 500 Days of Summer, Inception and Watchmen. I'm one of those weirdo's who tries his best to avoid trailers for films. Defo worth it in this case, it meant the awesomeness was a big surprise.

I will start off by saying the storyline isn't the most original tale that's been told..BUT..its awesomely done. If like me you know nowt about this film, its basically about this nerdy guy called *surprise* Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), who meets the girl of his dreams...blah blah blah heard it all before? Oh but wait she has seven evil ex's coming after him who he must defeat.

So what makes this film fucking awesome is the insane visuals, the awesome fighting, fantastic music and the constant LOL moments. This, like Inception is a film you have to see in the cinema..and a good cinema, the sound is just awesome. Some rocking music, loads of game sounds for the nerds also. What I haven't mentioned yet is how much of a computer games theme it has..loads of stuff in there from street fighter like fights, Zelda music, No More Heroes like deaths..freakin awesome.

On to the fighting...HOLY SHIT..I thought it would be average at best, but its was actually top I've read, they used Jackie Chans stunt team and it shows. The whole fighting stuff doesn't happen straight away so your just watching a awesome film then you see the first fight and your mouth is left open and your screaming HOLY SHIT!!! I noticed a couple of movies from games in there also which raised a smile. about colourful..soo much going on..loads of computer games effects everywhere..Mario like 1ups..comic book AAAAAAARGHH when someone gets smashed in the face.. just plan awesome. It really adds to the film..accompanied with the fantastic sound, its just great to experience.

The story goes at a nice place, all the characters make you lol..couldn't believe some of the stuff that happened..let me just say Vegan Police..when you see it, you will laugh. So many small lil touches in there, that alot of people might miss that are hilarious if your nerdy enough to know what it means.

Would love to go into more detail about things, but I think its better left to see on your own. Defo in my top 3 fav films this year alongside Inception and Step Up 3D...would I recommend it for everyone? hmmm...not sure..if your a bit of a computer games nerd like me..or into comics you will adore this film..if not you may love it or think its totally stupid.

Forgot to mention..alot of hotties in this film..Mary Elizabeth Winsteds bedroom scene = YUM YUM..#JustSaying

All in all..9/10 fucking great.