Monday, 6 July 2009

Wireless Festival was the nuts...

Went there sunday, not knowing much about it as I didn't even know it was coming up. I got a text saturday night from my mate Sam saying meet at 2pm yeah? I was like o_O was that for me? To which he replied, of course, Wireless tomorrow...thank God I didn't have anything else planned...

Anywho it was really good, got to see Kanye, Kid Cudi, Q-Tip, Calvin Harris, N-Dubz, Chipmunk, Example and a few others. Was fn immense, so much better then I thought it would be.

The biggest and most hyped moment of the day was when Cudi did Day n Nite, everyone was just waiting for him to singing it and the place went INSANE! He did the original song first then, did the remix and peeps went bonkers, was so sick. He then jumped off the stage and EVERYONE rushed forward, it made me wonder where the hell that space came from as we must have moved forward like 10 places.

Chipmunk...where do I start, it was soooo surreal seeing all these people feeling him so much, it wasn't long ago i saw him spitting on dvd's as an up and comer, he killed it.

Q-Tip was fn great also. He is someone I liked before but I have gotten to love *pause* alot lately due to the podcast I listen to (Juan Epstein) where they go on about him and Tribe Called Quest all the time. For someone so laid back he has mad energy on stage. He did life gets better from his most recent album which made my day, as thats one of my most played songs on my itunes, fn love it.

N-Dubz were really good, didn't do some of my fav songs but they were big nonetheless and Tulisa was looking FINE!!!!!

Example is a dude I only heard one song of a while ago, then I saw him on the train quite a few times randomly and wondered where I knew him from lol. Anywho he was awesome, so much energy, everyone in the tent was feeling him. When he did some heads, shoulders knees and toes remix the crowd and myself went crazy.

Kanye was top of the bill and he didn't disappoint, it was only at the end when I realised how many hits this guy has. Song after song were songs I liked. Yes his lyrics are often corny or whatever, but MY LORRDDD its catchy. The biggest pops of the night was when he did American Boy and probably Stronger...'Say You Will' was also immense.

Anywho wireless was the ish, defo going next year...