Thursday, 16 July 2009

Gym Day 7...Legs Legs Legs...

Today I did strictly leg work and it was killer and PROBABLY not a good idea seeing as I have football in 90 mins lol...but I am sure it will be beneficial in the end.

I started with 10 mins of cardio on the running machine then did 4 sets of leg curls (1 warm up set) then 4 sets of hamstring curls (1 warm up set). Then I moved onto my fav machine the leg press where I did 3 sets, max weight 142 kilos for 14 reps. I then mvevd onto the girlie exercises for the adductor's and abductors in which I did 2 sets on each and finished it all off with 3 sets of calf raises.

I can't believe I actually enjoy working my legs now as I have always hated it but for football its a must.