Saturday, 4 July 2009

Gym Day 3...the Slacker...

So wow its been a while since my last gym day update, super pissed I havent been going. Due to pain in my body from starting it back up, football on thursday, friday was the day I finally got to go to the gym.

I planned to work, chest, triceps and shoulders, which I got to do, but stupid idiots hogging the bench meant I didn't get to bench press which sucked. It was rather empty on the friday though so other machines were free and I got a decent work out out of it.

For chest I did 2 warm-up sets on the chest press, then 3 real sets. Then some incline bench press with the machine for 3 sets. Followed by 2 sets of incline fly's then 2 sets of incline dumbbell bench press.

Moved on to Triceps, again all my stuff I wanteds t ouse was taken up, so I used the machine tricep pushdowns and did 3 sets. Then 3 sets of rope pushdowns/ over head extensions and finished this off with 2 sets of skull crushers.

For Shoulders I did 3 sets of shoulder presses, 3 sets of lateral raises and then 3 sets of front raises.

It was a good workout, felt like I was in the gym for ages though, need to speed things up a bit...