Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Gym Day 6...

After a tiring first football training session yesterday,I REALLY didn't feel like going to the gym today but I had to. Anywho I worked back and biceps today and it was a pretty good work out.

Started with 10 mins of cardio on the running machine to get my bloody moving then headed over to the seated row machine where I did 4 sets (including a warm up set). I then did 3 sets on the pulldown machine then 3 sets on the upright row machine.

For Biceps I did 4 sets of ez-bar curls (including one warm up set), then 3 sets of seated incline dumbbell curls which burned soooo much. I then did 3 sets of cable bar curls and a set of dumbbell curls to finish off.

To kill some time I did some shrugs also which was cool. Max weight 80 kilos.