Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Master Shortie - A.D.H.D Album Review...

If you haven't heard of Master Shortie he is a South London rapper (bit of singing also) who is sort of on the same kick as your Dizzee Rascals, Chipmunks and Tinchy Stryders. I remember seeing his video for his song Dead End in 08 and thought this is pretty darn catchy, I think he will do ok, and maybe a year or less later here he is with his debut album.

Now I wouldn't call him a serious rapper or a hardcore rapper, as he raps about bapes, rope chains, skinny jeans, groupies etc etc, which is cool, things he is into (me to also, which is why i dig the album) and he doesn't really rap with a complex style or anything but its entertaining and easily listening. If I was to diss anything I would say he recycles subject matters and lyrics a little to much, more variety would have been good.

What I like about the album is its much different to all the uk hip hop you hear right now, you don't hear any rappers rapping about wearing skinny jeans or them rocking boat shoes in there videos, he has to be the most non-threatening rapper out. he has alot of 80's influnce on his album...e.g. when he breaks into Prince Charming by Adam and the Ants in his song 'Nothing To Be Scared Of'

My fav songs on the album are Under the Moon, Bring It Back, London Town, Groupie Love, Right Time and Dead End.

Anywho to sum it up I think its a pretty decent album, a few songs seem to be filler, there are enough songs on it I like for me to listen to again. At least 4 will go in my new playlist. Lyrics wise it's nothing mind blowing or amazing, but I don't think he is out to come off that way. While some of the subject matters are recycled on his songs, I like the stuff he is talking about and I can relate more then a gun toting rapper.

Raing 7.5/10