Monday, 29 June 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was AWESOME!!!!

I went to watch this film yesterday and MY LORRDDD it was awesome. I hadn't watched any trailers or read up on anything so I went into it blind, and it was so so good. While I loved the first, I was disappointed that it ddin't realy follow the cartoon movie which I adored as a kid, e.g. Megatron turning into a gun, Bumble Bee being a VW Beetle. This film seemed to follow it 'slightly' more then the first which was cool. I won't say how incase I spoil it for someone but some of the cool stuff from the cartoon happens in this.

The story was pretty cool, I had heard from people who watched it that it was action action action, which is cool but I loved the interactions between the characters in the first and was worried that would be gone, but NOPE, the has some of the most breath taking action scenes ever, but there are constant laughs as well. There are these 2 new transformers who are just hilarious, there dynamic with eachother is hilarious.

Be warned its a long ass film, like 3 hours or so, so don't be like me and go to the 9.30 show, my eyes were getting mad heavy during the film, even with the loud explosions going on.

Anywho brilliant film, must see, would give it a very solid 8.5/10.

Would recommend NOT watching the trailer, but here you go if you wanna see it...