Friday, 26 June 2009

Gym Day 2...

So today I ACTUALLY woke up at 6.15am and went to the gym. Didn't think I would EVER do that but somehow I did, and I am impressed with myself for that lol. My bro came with and drove us down which probably helped also.So today was chest and tricep day, the thing I hoped to do on tuesday but didn't happen. I started off with a 5 minute jog on the running machine to get my heart pumping then headed over to the smith machine to do some bench pressing.

I was worried I would be able to lift hardly anything and thats true, but its not half as bad as I expected thank God, maybe the random press-ups I have been doing has helped me. Max I did on the bench was 60Kg's (including bar) for 10 reps and that was on my 3rd set, then I dropped down for my last.

Went on to some incline, due to the tiredness of my biceps from tuesday (note to self to chest and tri's before back and biceps) I just did a light incline with 45 kg max for 10 reps.

Then was the cable crossovers, think I did around 25-35 kgs on each arm which was cool, bloody love that exercise as you can actually feel it working the muscle.

After that I started work on the triceps, firstly with skull crushers, started with 5 kg on each side and went up to 12.5 kg for a nice 10 reps.

Followed that up with some push downs, I think I was doing around 35-42kgs on that for some solid reps with no cheating for once, I figure I should start working out properly for once and no cheating reps.

Then some over head pushdowns (not sure what there called) using the same weight, then finished it ff with 2 sets on the tricep pushdown machine, using about 35 kgs.

Pretty good workout, now off to work, where I am probably gonna have to lift some heavy ish and will pass out :-(