Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Gym Day 1...

So today I decided to join the local gym. I thought it was about time as I haven't seriously worked out for 3-4 years now which is embarrassing. my body isn't in bad shape as I hung on to a few muscles and cardio from my football training has kept me from getting fat but I am NO where near where I wanna be.

So I joined the local, £35 a month, not to bad and the facilities are ok also. Was weird being back in the gym after such a long period, some machines just felt foreign to me and I was thinking WTF does this one do, so I stayed away lol.

I planned on working my chest and triceps today, but that plan went out of the window straight away when I saw a huge guy on the bench press machine and he didn't look like he would be getting off there for a few days...soooo I ended up working my back and biceps which worked out ok in the end.

Ran into quite a few people at the gym which was cool, people I hadn't seen in a while, one who is now a freaking monster and I really need to get to that size.

Anywho I think I will be blogging after every session to track my process (see how long that lasts) so that is that.

This is my goal..(my boy Thiago Alves btw)

Currently weighing 78kgs, goal is probably around 85-90