Sunday, 7 June 2009

Managers Player of the Season????????

So yesterday at my team (Globe Rangers) we had a 7 a side tournament followed by the presentations for all the teams this season.

Lets start with the tournament, it was messed up from the moment we got there lol. There were supposed to 2 teams from our squad alone but only 10 people turned up, but it was someone's bright idea to play 2 teams still, so it was pretty much the same team playing with the change of 2 or 3 players each eventually it would get to a point where we would have to play ourselves lol.

Anywho that didn't turn out to great ,at on point we had to play like 3 games in a row as the A team had a game, then the B team, then the A team, so we played twice as many games as the other teams and fatigued defo kicked in.

We did fairly good considering, just losing 2 games we shouldn't have to the team who won the tournament, fair play to them.

So on to the presentations, which took a long ass time, I didn't realise Globe had some many teams. Anywho when it came to our Trophies, players player of the season went to 30 goal scoring Ebi, the manager did a managers player of the season and it went ME!!! lol was really chuffed to get this and goal of the season went to Sol for a supposed 35 yard screamer with his left foot, which I didn't see and supposedly the keeper was about 20 stone and looked like Rick Ross...

Anywho was a pretty good event, bravo to Globe, we got out league winners trophy which was a beauty, you can see it in the pics below...

League Winners Trophy

Managers player of the season Award and league winner medal