Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Chest Pain?????????????

How cn you tell if its semi-serious or not? I hve no time to go to the docs today so I am randomly putting this out there lol. Basically since saturday or maybe it started sunday morning I really can't remember, I have had a pain on the right side of my chest.

The pain is right below my right pectoral muscle, ithurts to touch, but I have to press kind of hard and it hurts to breath in, but only sometimes it seems. I assumed at first I just got knocked in the chest at football and its a muscle injury, but thinking back I don't remember geting hit front on like that, from the side yes but not front on.

Whats the chances its anything serious, just asking as I have been watching alot of the doctors show House lately and the most minor problems have turned into a big deal and its maybe made me a lil paranoid lol...

I am gonna post a link to this on my facebook, so hopefully someone replies to me on there, most likely to tell me I am a big baby and I should man up.