Monday, 13 September 2010

What I did yesterday and today 12/9/10 and 13/9/10...

  • woke up 9 am
  • had me breakfast
  • went through my games draw to find some old ones to trade at cex
  • went cex and got a decent amount for my old ones, planned on getting God of War 3 but as i was in the long queue for trade ins, some mug next to me bought the last copy.. NOT HAPPY.
  • soooo I had to take the long bus ride to Wood Green to get GOW3 from the cex there... was already out.. figured might aswell get it done.
  • Weirdest thing happened on the bus.. texted my friend Mia whats up, she tells me she is going shopping in Wood Green, I replied that 'oh me to' and she says yeh I'm on the 230... i reply 'oh me to, where you sitting' she replies top floor at the back.. 'oh i replied, i'm sitting at the front..MADNESS.
  • Anywho got to the job done then got the bus home.
  • Got in chilled, had dinner, bed time.
  • Woke up 8am.
  • Came down and had some breakfast.
  • Got ready for the wedding I had to go to.
  • Got there, was a nice venue, said howdy to everyone, saw some blasts from the pasts, great stuff.
  • Wedding went down very well, especially considering it was an outside affair, the weather just about held up, lil drizzle but not enough to ruin it.
  • Speeches were just great, my fam can talk the good talk, constant lols.
  • Headed home.
  • Watched the VMA awards which were awesome.
  • now gonna hit the sack..mad tired.