Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What I did today 15/9/10

  • Woke up 5.45.. fell asleep.. woke up 6.00.. fell asleep.. woke up 6.10 o_O yuck
  • Came down had me toast and a nice cup of tea... tea seems to be the only thing in the morning that tastes nice.. the toast is horrid... this new toaster seems to toast the bread then immediately its cold.
  • Got washed and dressed and headed out, had a right touch with the transport, bus was there at my road, 123 came in 30 seconds, lovely stuff.
  • Work was PRETTY boring, day seemed to drag, by 1pm I was totally zoning out a bit, but it had its busy moments and sales wise was pretty decent.
  • Finished at 4, glad to be done, went to see my mate to go for a couple brewski's. We 'jammed' in the pub for a bit then i headed off.
  • Reallllllllllllly should have gone to the toilet one last time as I was in bits the whole bus ride, didn't help that I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast which literally makes me laugh out loud.
  • Luckily I have to pass my mates house on the way home so stopped off for a cheeky number 1 then was on my way.
  • Home had me some dinner and watched the Real Madrid game... its so sad watching Ronaldo play for them.. should be at united still.
  • Downloaded Pro Evo 2011 and Fifa 11, only played Pro Evo and its looking pretty tasty, give it a proper go tomorrow.
  • Ok bed time me thinks.. another early start tomorow :-( boo