Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What I did today 1/9/10 and yesterday...

Forgot to do this yesterday..FUCK...

  • woke up 5.30
  • had some cereal..did not go down well, started to get that sick feeling.
  • got to work on time somehow, really though i would be late.
  • work was good, 7-1 so it went real quick.
  • went to the gym after work, nice chest workout, wanted to do triceps but my stomach started to hurt and i gave up.
  • got home and chilled, loads of ps3, and tv
  • watched tomorrow never dies in bed.
  • woke up at 5.45
  • had a slice of toast and a cup of tea
  • was gonna be late, but luckily to a lift so ended up 30 mins early.
  • work was good, they are interviewing for new workers, so there were loads of people coming in and out.
  • Sales was good, maged 12 new memberships which is pretty good, no complaints.
  • finished at 4, ended getting home 5.30 which was not good, but peak time for traffic.
  • chilled again at home, really need to sort my evenings out, really following a pattern.
  • Watched Jersy Shore and BB, both hilarious.
  • More bond in bed..PAUSEna