Sunday, 12 September 2010

What I did yesterday 11/9/10

  • Woke up way to early for a Saturday.
  • Planned to go Oxford Street to do a lil shopping but after checking the weather, I gave it a miss.
  • So had my breakfast and chilled out the morning.
  • Saw my brother come in from a jog which inspired me to do some cardio, so I quickly went to the gym for a work out.
  • Got in, in time to watch the united vs everton match... ohh what an EPIC fail that was...sad sad times.
  • After just watched some tv i had to catch up on, then it got to 3ish and I thought... hmm... might aswell go shopping now, really can't be arsed tomorrow.
  • So I set out to go Oxford Street, once I got to Walthamstow I figured I might aswell take a look... because if I can sort myself out local... I might aswell.
  • Walked into The Mall, to my surprise we now have a CEX in Walthamstow... I can't describe how happy I was about that lol... love that shop... so handy I now don't have to go to Central or Wood Green just to go there now.
  • Went Topman and grabbed some shoes real quick... result.
  • Went Mickey D's... don't know why... wasn't even hungry but I just felt it... they had no tomato ketchup which really ruined the fries... but what you gonna do.
  • Watched X-Factor and had me dinner... X-Factor was pretty shit this week... hardly any good acts at all.
  • My mate texts me and says to come out... REALLY couldn't be bothered but gave in and got changed.
  • Got to south Woodford around 10ish... it was really poppin down there... the place we wanted to go looked MAD busy... just knew that wasn't going to happen... especially as we were heading to another bar first.
  • Went to this bar for a while was pretty good... looking back probably shouldn't have left... turned into one of the most random nights ever but all in all it weren't to bad... many lols to be had.
  • Got in at 4.30 and headed to la la land