Sunday, 5 September 2010

What I did today 4/9/10..

  • Woke up 10ish.
  • Didn't know what to do with myself..came down to watch some tv.
  • Chilled in front of the tv most of the day playing MW2 and watching tv.
  • Decided to give my bedroom a good ol clean as I had plenty of freshly washed clothes to put away and it was a state.
  • Watching Tomorrow Never Dies while cleaning..finally watched it all.
  • Came downstairs had me some dinner, lamb, potatoes, carrots and summat else..went down nicely.
  • Watched x-factor..some chick Cher Lloyd sang Turn my Swag On remix and killed it.
  • Got ready to go out, jeans and a polo..simples.
  • My boy Chris picked me up and we headed to Pitch and Piano in Angel for a guy at works leaving drinks.
  • Was a very good night..the DJ was very on point, good crowd, saw a couple mates in mate from back back in the day at my old football team..was mad he spotted me.
  • Headed home around typing this and about to play more Modern Warefare 2..why not?