Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What I did yesterday 14/9/10...

  • Not the most eventful day
  • Woke up 9ish
  • Came down had me cereal, STILL don't feel great in the morning, no food goes down that well.
  • Went gym around 10.30, had a decent work out, although this mug annoyed me, which you can read about in the blog post below.
  • Came home and got changed.
  • Headed to my mates house before work, just 'jammed' for a bit then headed off to work.
  • Got to work wayyyy to early, so 'jammed' again for a bit.
  • Work was ok, seemed to go really slow considering I was doing a short shift.
  • Lucky the journey home was quick, watched Misfits on the bus, that Nathan never fails to make me lol.
  • Got in watched some of the football...SOOOOOOO tragic, best player injured, oh how I hate the champions league.
  • Bed time.