Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Happy Born Day to MYSELF!!!

I always wondered what age it is when you start getting embarrassed about your age, I think 26 might be that mark. To be honest, I'm not embarrassed about it, but it does seem to be that mark when people go 'WOW your getting on a bit'. When you turn 25, people talk about it being a milestone, when its 26, people are like o_O.

Sooooooooooo I am 26 today and I feel diffe...oh no I don't. I feel the bloody same. Since I turned 18 I feel like I haven't aged at all. One reason being people always assume I look younger then I am and the majority of that probably has to do with how I act lol. I don't think I act like a kid...BUT...when I think about how much I would have respected someone who was 26, I can't imagine someone feeling that way with me.

But I have always been about adapting to my surroundings and being able to fit in with most people. E.g. my lil cousin who is like 7-8 years younger then me, I have always been able to get on with him and fit in with whatever he is talking about. I think most people who were that much older then him probably wouldn't have been able to do that. But again thats probably because I am a big kid at heart. I watch wrestling and have a ridiculous computer games collection for God sake. I have to be a big kid to be into all that still.

I still don't feel 26 though, I look in the mirror and see the same dude as always. One thing I have kind of noticed is my body sure aint what it used to be. And I don't mean muscles or anything but the wear and tear is starting to show. Before last football season I never got injured, maybe the odd freak thing, but now if I haven't had a good stretch its game over for me. I used to pride myself on just turning up and going fully into it, but not anymore. I recall my bro thinking I was a mad man practising hard shooting before a 5 a side game when he was jogging up and down, now its caught up with me :( booooooo.

Never been much of a birthday celebrator, for one reason or another (which I don't want to go into, don't feel like telling all right now)...can't think of many times since I was a lil kid that I did anything for my birthday really. Last year was pretty cool actually, one of the better days I have had in recent times for sure. I defo need to get into the going out spirit more and organising shit for my bday. Speaking to some dude at work who crazy enough is born on the same day as me, I asked what he is up to and it sounded like he had 4 parties planned lol...I'm slacking.

Birthday Presents??? Another thing that hasn't changed for a while. When your a kid birthdays are SUPER exciting because you get that thing you have wanted that you never think your parents will get you, or it would take months of saving to get. In my case I wouldn't ever ask for anything crazy, would rather save a pound from my lunch money and save it that way lol. But anywhooo...I've been asked by a friend 'soooo what do you want for your bday' and I 'honestly' had no idea what to say. I think about the things I am into and:

A) I already bought it for myself.
B) Would rather someone didn't get it for me as they wouldn't no what to get.
C) It would annoy me they bought it from a shop and paid more then I would have if I bough it.

So I dunno what to say. I love computer games and sneakers, I just got some games and I just got 2 pairs of Supra's so i am kind of set for now lol.

Anywhooo thats enough of a rant for now...this has been fun, writing this blog post while listening to Rainymood and the Final Fantasy X/X-2 soundtrack (I couldn't be more relaxed right now)..anywho WWE is on now, so let me get back to being a geek and watch some of that before I head off to bed...Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday deeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ASHLEY!!!!!!!! happy birthday to ME!!