Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Birthdays can be pretty fun...

So I thought my 25th birthday would be another chill day at home, probably involving me playing PS3 all day, come to think of it, that wouldn't have been that bad lol. But in the end it turned out to be a really fun day.

So I woke up at like 11.30, came downstairs and had a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes, turned the lappy on and was chatting on msn and checking my facebook (as you do). People keep saying happy birthday I hope you have a fun day and i was thinking, wow I am soooo not gonna have a really fun day. Then on msn I get convinced to come out. So I got ready and hopped on the train to Covent Garden and went to some restaurant called Chez GĂ©rard.

It was a really nice restarunt, nice location, friendly staff. For starters my friend John ordered snails, I thought to myself people are sooooo gonna make me try them, but hey they can't be that bad. So before they came I figured I would try one, then they arrived and they were bloody green, I thought to myself ARE YOU SHITTING ME, GREEN!!! really? but everyone tried it so I thought why the hell not. I have to say they weren't to bad actually, wouldn't say I would order then next time I go out, but they weren't horrible.

Oh and as a added bonus Rebecca Loos was sitting behind me, if you don't remember her, she is the chick Becks Smashed a couple years back. I have to say she didn't look that hot and her nose looked CRAZY!!!!

Anywho after that we decided we were gonna see a show, but it started at 8pm so we had to burn like 3 hours, so we went to the New Era shop. I did not know there was a New Era shop down there and it was pretty darn cool, sooo many different colours and style,s I am so pissed I didn't by the hat I liked, but I wasn't ready to buy a fitted cap as my hair is in bits at the mo.

After that we went to Cocoon for a drink which was cool. Cocoon is a cool restaurant/ bar on Regents Street.

Had a few beverages there to kill some time then headed off to the show.

Now the best part of the night, we go to see a show calle La Clique which EVERYONE has to see.

Check that out. It was soooooooo cool, some of the most amazing acts I have ever seen, and it was sooooooo funny also. I'd recommend it to everybody, you got a women who gets naked for the guys and those of the men take the tops off (yuck) for the girls, so good times all round. I won't go into details abotu the acts as everyone should see it and that video spoils it enough as it is lol.

After that went home, saw the famo, my aunt was there which was night. Hung out with them for a bit then got to open some of my presents. Ended up being all clothes which is fine by me as most other stuff I would have bought myself by now lol. It also all fit which was handy as taking thigns back is a nightmare.