Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Going to bed while ill is a nightmare...

So I am sick as F at the moment. I got that flu everyone seems to have, it bloody sucks as I have no energy, a blocked nose one minute, then its running the next. Also my head hurts and my throat feels like I swallowed a cheese grater.

Anywho back to the dream, so last night I wasn't looking forward to going to bed as i just figured my head is going to be lying in nose mucus from it just leaking uncontrollably. So I stuffed tissue up there to make sure that didn't happen, which meant I was just breathing through my mouth the whole night. Which led to a dry mouth, which led to a fn nightmare.

So my random dream starts off with me walking up the road listening to the radio and some guy is talking to Ron Browz ( about the autotune effect and he was saying how he didn't steal it and he uses it differently. Why I was dreaming about this I will never know, then I started coughing and my throat was dry as f*ck. I started to drink water and it would just go down my throat and my mouth couldn't get wet no water what I tried. I felt like I was gonna pass out so I was desperately trying to get to the shop but just as I got there I woke up.

All during this dream I was thinking to myself please don't make my throat really be that dry when I wake up. And it bloody was, for the first time also i drank all of my drink the night before so I was in bits. Had to roll out drag myself to the kitchen and it took like 2 glass full before I felt ok.