Friday, 2 April 2010

HTC Desire Review...

Where do I begin? Oh yeah the phones FUCKING AMAZING...soooo happy with my new toy. Using it makes my old N97 feel like an ancient relic. I will admit, at the time my N97 was amazing, it had a lovely keyboard, plenty of mass memory, and it was the first phone I got with a data plan to use the internet and it was pretty good...BUT using the HTC Desire is just next level.

Lets start with the screen...WOWZER its beautiful, 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen with pinch-to-zoom you can do all the cool stuff the iphone does, use multi-touch to zoom in to pics, flick from screen to screen with ease. Unlike my N97 that has a resistive touchscreen that required pressure, this one relies on the electrical properties of the human body to detect when and where on a display the user touching. Because of this you only need to lighty touch to use it, no stylus required.

The camera on the device is pretty good, 5 mega-pixel camera with single LED flash. No dedicated camera button, but the trackpad works as a button for this which is no problem to use.
Unlike the iphone which has a pretty boring homescreen which consists of a list of program short cuts, the HTC Desire with its customised Android OS Sense UI 2.1 it has 7...yes 7 homescreens. And you can use these for whatever you want. On my home screens I have:

1. Weather Widget
2. Twitter Widget
3. Music Widget
4. Main Home screen, Clock + Weather, program links for messages, emails, camera and internet
5. Facebook Widget, Youtube Widget, program links for Twitter, photos, calender and maps
6. Web Bookmarks Widget
7. left free for now

So I have pretty much what I want at the flick of my finger. Fancy checking FB its there, Twitter its there, wanna quickly flick to a internet page I can click straight on a bookmark. Quality stuff, very intuitive.

A nice lil feature the phone has is when you unlock the device, once you flick the screen down to unlock, depending on what the weather is the screen will either have rain drops fall which are then washed away by window wipers..or for example if its cloudy..a set of clouds will fly by in the back ground. Its a nice lil touch that always looks cool. The phone also has 'live' wallpapers which are basically animated backdrops, some of which you can interact with. For example pressing on the water background will make ripples, nice lil touch.

I gave the Android Market space a quick look and its pretty darn cool. MUCH better then the Ovi store on my N97. That was a really poor store, hard to navigate, would constantly log you out also. The store on the HTC Desire is great, has a easy to use search feature, apps download and install quickly also. It seems to have alot of apps and alot of variety also.

The phone came with a 4GB Micro SD card, upgradeable to a 32GB card, I will probably eventually get one, but 4 GB is plenty for now. Loads of space for pics, music and apps.

To summarise, so far, VERY impressed. Haven't used it as my real phone properly yet as I haven't got a case and have been to scared to carry it about with me lol, but I will sort that soon. If your thinking of getting a new phone and think Blackberry's are corny and iPhones are too expensive, its defo worth checking out.

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