Thursday, 27 August 2009

Gym Day 18 and 19....

Monday I worked my back by itself. Due to my ankle problem last week and only going to the gym once my routine is kind of messed up now so I started with back this week.

I started with 3 sets of chin ups. I still can only manage 6 by myself which sucks but hopefully i get better. Then I moved to the high row machine where I did 3 sets, 60 kgs for 2 sets and finished with 50 kgs.

I then did old faithful..the lat pulldown, for once I tried to keep strict form and just pull with my back instead of yanking down more weight then I should and I think it worked well as my lats are killing right now.I did 3 sets of those, max weight was about 70 for 5 reps.

The seated row machine was next, again didn't yank it, just pulled with my back for some slow and controlled reps. I did 3 more sets of this. And I finished the workout with some single arm dumbbell rows using a 30kg dumbbell. I managed 10 reps, then 9 then 6.

Yesterday I worked Chest and Shoulders.

As usual started with 2 warm-up sets on the chest press doing 20-25 reps on a pretty light weight. Then I went to do some incline bench press. Started with 80 kgs where I managed 6 reps, then 70 kgs where I managed 7 then 60 kgs and did 8 reps. I dunno what it is about this exercise but after the first set i am so tired and cant do many reps. I really need a spotter.

I then moved to the incline chest press where I did 3 sets starting with 50 kgs and I managed 8 reps which I was proud of as generally i can only do 7 reps no matter the weight on this lol. I moved down to 40 kgs and did 2 more sets.

Then came the cable crossovers, 1 set of 30kgs and 1 set of 35kgs for 10 reps. Then I super-setted Incline dumbbell bench press with some incline fys, using 22 kg dumbbells for the press and 8kgs for the flys, I did 2 sets of this.

And finished it all with 3 sets on the pec dec. WOW that seems like alot reading it back, didn't seem so at the time.

On to shoulder I started with 3 sets of shoulder presses. 40 kgs to start then 2 more sets of 30 kg for 10 reps. Then 3 sets of upright rows. 1st set I used 30 kgs for 10 reps, then 35 kgs for 10 then my last sets I managed 7 reps.

I finished the shoulder routine with lateral raises for 3 sets. First 2 sets were 10kgs for 10 reps then 12.5 kgs for 8 reps.

Hopefully today I will go and do Triceps, Biceps and Forearms.