Friday, 21 August 2009

Gym Day 17..chest and shoulders...

So having had a fucked up ankle all week I haven't bothered going to the gym, but decided to give it a go yesterday as I can walk now (kinda).

Anywho I got to the gym, hopped on the smith machine quickly before someone got there and did 2 warm up sets of incline bench press then I realised hmm...this bench is at a crazy angle, so i went to adjust but the adjustable bit was messed up so I called it a day on that. Just as I walked away 2 guys jumped on it and fixed the adjustable chair and I was like FUCK.

Anywho I moved to the chest press machine, I did 2 sets of 25 reps on a low rep to warm up. Then moved up to 77kgs and did a nice 11 reps which was EXTREMELY painful. I then moved up to 84 or whatever it goes up to and managed to do 7 reps, but that just killed. So for the last set I acted like a baby and just moved down to 70 kgs and managed to do another 6 then moved then did a quick drop set at 42 kgs for 3 more reps.

Then the crappy upper chest machine, dunno what it is about this thing but as soon as I get to 7 reps my arms just die and i struggle to do another full rep. So i just did 3 sets of 40 kgs on that for 7-9 reps including partials.

I then noticed the cable machine was free so I did 2 sets of cable crossovers with 30kg weights on each cable for around 9 reps. Then did my new fav exercise which is Incline dumbbell bench press straight into dumbbell flys. I did weigh to low a weight on this but I can never remember what I am able to lift. So I started with 15 kg dumbbells for the press and used 8kg dumbbells for the flys at all times. I then went up to 17.5 dumbbells for the next set.

I finished the chest work out with 3 sets on the pec deck, no idea what weight i used though ,someone around 56.

For shoulders I started with 30 kgs on the shoulder press, then went up to 40 kgs for 2 more sets doing around 10 reps each time. Then side laterals with 8 kg dumbbells, 10 reps for 3 sets. Side laterals are probs my fav exercise right now, I really need to up the weight on shoulder stuff though.

I then did some upright rows with about 15 kgs for 15 reps times 3 sets. And finished it with some punishing front raises. I used 6kg dumbbells for 20 reps, then 5kg dumbbells for 15 reps then 4kg dumbbells for 10 reps, then straight into 15 side laterals just for the hell of it and i was done.