Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Being Injured SUCKS!!!

So this is the second season in a row where I have injured myself at the start of the season. Last season I pulled my groin at training, after my first league game, this time I sprained my ankle 'during' my second 'pre-season' game..DOH. I probably could see this coming as during the game I had 2 left foot crossing opportunities and flopped them both, then I got played down the line and did another one and somehow must have fell on it funny as it started to hurt.

I was sooo pissed when this happened as on the way to football I told my mate Sol its not about getting injured early in a game it sucks. As we were both looking forward to playing football. Anywho I managed to carry on playing, played another 70 minutes before I was eventually substituted, at this time I welcomed it as I figured the game is pretty much done, no point getting smashed in a tackle or something.

So at this point it was hurting, but not to to much, I managed to walk home without to much of a serious limp really, but after an hour of resting at home the swelling came *pause* my ankle just got big and I couldn't put any weight on the blasted thing.

I did the classic ice it and elevate it but that was after a couple hours of leaving it on the floor which is probably why the swelling happened :-(. Sunday still couldn't walk, Monday I could actually put the ball of my foot on the floor, then Tuesday I was actually able to walk a bit and i finally left the house lol.

I went to training to see the physio, he said it wasn't anything to serious because if so i wouldn't be able to put weight on it like I can. He gave it a rub down *pause* and rubbed some cream thingy on it and said to just continue doing what I was doing with the ice.

Today its feeling slightly better again, but still can't walk properly yet. Defo know chance of me playing on Saturday which sucks, but I am used to being injured now, just happy it ain't'my groin this time as that just sucks and I get scared to sprint.

Another thing I am pissed about is I can't go to the bloody gym :-( my progress will be stopped for a week, maybe it will be good with a nice full weeks rest though...