Monday, 17 August 2009

Gym Day 16...All Arm day...

I did this on friday and MY LORRDDD it killed my arms.

Started with 2 sets of 30 reps on the reverse preacher curl machine to warm up my triceps. I then did 3 sets on skull crushers. Started with 10 kg's for 15 reps, then 15 kgs for 11 reps and finished with kgs for 9 reps (this killed.

Moved on and did 5 sets of push downs...3 sets with perfect form, got up to about 65 kgs, then finished with 2 cheating sets where I did 75 then 85 kgs.

I did 2 sets of over head extensions, i quit at 2 as I got bored lol, did about 45 kgs on that for 10 reps.

Finished this off with 2 sets of kick backs. By this time the back of my arms were just DEAD..not felt that much pain in my arms for a while.

Moved on to biceps, warmed up with 25 reps of dumbell curls with 5 kg dumbbells. Then moved on to some ez bar curls. Started on 30 kgs and went up to 35 kgs and finished on 40 kgs.

I then did 1 set of seated dumbbell curls with 15 kg dumbbells, followed up by 10 reps of alternate dumbbell curls with 16 kg then then the same again with 17 kgs.

I then moved onto the machine to totally KILL my arms. I did 40 reps of cable curls on 25 kgs, then 50 reps on 20 kgs then 45 reps on 15 kgs...OMG this hurt so much, but it was defo worth it and a great way to finish off my arms...

Oh then I did 2 sets of curls barbell hammer curls with 5 kgs on each side.